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Ukai Dam in Surat Gujarat - Address - Detalis - History of Ukai Dam
Ukai Dam in Surat Gujarat - Address - Detalis - History of Ukai Dam

Surat is an ideal place to be for people who wish to spend a good time outdoors and be close to nature. Surat has a unique blend of both man-made and natural wonders like the parks and amusement parks in the heart of the city or the man made reservoirs and dams like Ukai Dam in the close vicinity of the city. Ukai Dam is nearest location Map is Tapi Surat.

Ukai Dam - A budding tourist hub, Information of Ukai Dam, If you love to see a beautiful dam built on the lines of Bhakra Nangal hydel power plant, then this Ukai dam also known as Vallabh sagar is for you. The tourist season is between October and March when Navratri festival draws in tourists even from outside the state of Gujarat.


Ukai Dam Address

Address --------------- Ukai Dam, Tapi, Gujarat, 394680


History of Ukai Dam, Built on the river Tapti, in the year 1971, the dam has been seen as a boon for the irrigation purposes for channeling the flow of the river and making the water usable during the dry periods. However, the dam by itself is very attractive and hence, one can see tourists making a beeline to visit it. Ukai Dam Height is approximate 80.772 meter. Ukai Dam is very famous dam in Surat City District. Ukai dam inflow of more than 70,000 Cusecs of water or outflow of the dam is 15,497 cusecs water.

Navsari is another place that is near this dam and that also is in the same locality as the dam and hence is also a scenic place for picnickers to party. The area has a good port and hence people can also see the harbor area.

The dam is near the main railway station of Surat and hence, by road to going dam is 101 Km distance between approximate Surat to Ukai Dam. This sees families and groups of picnickers visiting the place at all times of the year and especially during the holiday season.

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Ukai Dam in Surat Gujarat - Address - Detalis - History of Ukai Dam
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