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List of Important Indian Festivals and Holidays in 2015

Diwali 2015
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Gujarati Calendar 2015 Information on NriGujarati.Co.In

If you are wondering when the date for the Navratri ustav or the dates for Janmashthami this year, so that you can plan your holidays, then you can simply log in to the latest 2015 Gujarati Calendar. You can also find the free calendar of 2016, free in this website. Here, you will get the dates of all the Indian festivals celebrated by the Gujarati Community worldwide. Though Gujaratis have settled down in many places out of India, they are still in touch with their roots, and refer the Panchang in English online still for finding out the Tithi, Rashi or the festivals. Typically, a Gujarati Calendar has the Hindu religious festival list, clearly demarcated according to the months and year.

NriGujarati website is updated with the current Vikram Samvat 2072 and also has an available version of 2071 calendar dates. If you need to browse through the month for the dates for ekadashi or to find the perfect time for Murat for giving names or for making horoscope, or for fixing marriages, then you can find all of the required details here. You can also find the Choghadiya in English so that the Gujaratis who have trouble reading the Gujarati fonts can still make use of the panchang dates or for fixing an auspicious time or Muhurat for marriage.
Gujarati Calendar for the New-Age Gujaratis :

We all believe that down the history, everyone has started a good business or a long lasting successful venture on an auspicious time. We can never rule down that however, we may have progressed; we all still are very dependent on the calendars not simply to know the date or the months, year or even the best time for religious festivals. We would also need the calendars to know how we can go ahead with planning a vacation to our native place for the holidays, and then it would be best for us to refer the Online Gujarati Calendar from Nri Gujarati website.

However, these calendars are in PDF format and can be accessed with ease from your iPhone, Android or even your Blackberry phones. If you would need some explanation regarding why or how you can celebrate a particular festival, then you can simply click the Wiki link and get all the necessary details from there only. This means you have a list of the religious holiday list, complete with dates, months and also can have their explanation for the new generation to understand the rich history of Gujarati community.
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