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Althan National Park in Surat Gujarat
Althan National Park in Surat Gujarat

Surat has been a city with plenty of places to visit and things to do for the people who wish to visit the city. This would absolutely include individuals, families and even best friends who may be touring across the city.

For the religious minded, there are temples aplenty, and for the history-lovers, there are museums and old forts to give them company in and around Surat. For the wildlife enthusiasts, or photographers, parks and woods also happen to line around the city of Surat.

In fact, within the city even, there are several parks and greens as homes to wild animals and birds from different corners of the country. So, if you also want to visit one of these parks, then Surat will not disappoint you. There are plenty of national parks and animal reserves that are one with the atmosphere and provide a comfort to the eyes.


Althan National Park Surat Address Location

Address ------------------- Mahabir Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Surat, Pincode - 395001


Information about Althan National Park in Surat, Located in the bustling Mahabir nagar area of Surat, this national park is open to people of all ages and the best time to visit this park would be between January and May and October and December.

Surat to Althan National Park Distance

Surat to Althan National Park distance approximates 9 Kms.

The animals also remain out in case you wish to see them in their natural habitat. This park is located only at a distance of 4.11 kms approximately from Nanpura, and hence remains crowded all year round.

By road is available local taxi or Rickshaw and bus to Althan National Park. The railway station is very close and hence if you are planning a trip to Surat makes sure you do so well in advance.

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Althan National Park in Surat Gujarat
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