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Hari Om Ashram in Surat Gujarat
Hari Om Ashram in Surat Gujarat

In our modern life, when we are in the rush to make money, have a family, and lead a comfortable life, then we are also bargaining for a hectic life, full of problems and lack of satisfaction. Information about Hari Om Ashram, There may be times when we may feel lost and aimless and in these times of disembarrassment, we would need spiritual guidance and some solace that touches your heart.

India is considered a land of Yogis and spiritual gurus who have found spiritual liberation and have shared wisdom with one and all. Among those, a name of Pujya Shree Mota based in Gujarat can be mentioned. The “Hari Om” chant has been said to be a main stress reliever and offering answer to the purpose of your life in this world.


Hari Om Ashram Address Location

Address -------------Kurukshetra Mahadev Temple, Jehangirpura, Rander, Surat 395005 Gujarat


Hari Om Ashram and its significance also Pujya Shree Mota is a spiritual guru who founded this Ashram in Surat and has branches in other cities and towns in Gujarat and beyond. He has disciples who have found relief and continue to preach more. How to reach Hari Om Ashram Distance between Hari Om Ashram is nearest Surat city.

Famous Hari Om ashram is located in Jahangirpura, Surat and tourists and disciples from around the country and the world come to the ashram and sit in the Maun Mandirs or Silence rooms and chant the holy phrase of “Hari Aum” as preached by the Guru, Pujya shree Mota. The ashram is located near the placid river of Tapti and a person who needs the silence to calm his nerves would find it in the surroundings of the ashram itself.

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Hari Om Ashram in Surat Gujarat
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