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Kavi Kamboi Jambusar Gujarat - Kavi Kamboi Stambheshwar Mahadev

Kavi Kamboi Jambusar Gujarat - Kavi Kamboi Stambheshwar Mahadev  

Kavi Kamboi Stambheshwar Mahadev

The lords being surrounded by numerous beautiful and spiritual villages, Talukas and small towns reward Vadodara in Gujarat. Being well connected to other major cities in India, Vadodara truly acts as the changeover point for a visit to all such lovely, yet preciously hidden places in the lap of nature, apart from the prying eyes of city vultures. Hence, it presents extremely good options if you would just want to run away from the grueling daily life schedules and enjoy the nature’s beauty or for a spiritual sojourn as well.

Address: Kavi-Kamboi, Jambusar, Gujarat 392180 

Kavi Kamboi Vadodara Gujarat

The town of Kavi Kamboi lies at an approximate distance from the city of Vadodara, and the entire journey offers a magnificent view of the sea shore. Well known to be the home of Stambheshwar Mahadev temple, quite famous in the area and amongst the visitors for mythological reasons. The temple offers a unique panoramic view and it is famous for the unique feature of ‘Shiv Linga’ being actually immersed in the waters, which will appear for Darshan to devotees only during the low tides. Hence, the low tide period sees a lot of visitors to the place. This could be easily termed as nature’s marvel, where Mother Nature herself performs the holy task of Ling Abhishek. This Mahadev temple is said to be around 150 years old and is situated at the edge of the village Kavi, lying in the Gulf of Cambay.

Stambheshvar kumareshwar sivalinga philosophy of time:-

Temple Timings as per the Tithi Vad/Sud: 

Ekam - 09 – 45 am, 03 – 45 am

Beej - 10 – 30 am, 04 – 30 am

Trij - 11 – 15 am, 05 – 15 am

Choth - 12 – 00 pm, 06 – 00 am

Pancham - 07 – 00 am, 01 – 30 pm

Chhath - 07 – 45 am, 01 – 34 pm

Satam - 08 – 30 am, 02 – 30 pm

Aatham - 09 – 15 am, 03 – 15 pm

Num - 10 – 00 am, 04 – 00 pm

Dasham- 10 – 45 am,04 – 45 pm

Agiyarash - 05 – 30 pm, 01 – 30 pm

Barash - 06 – 30 pm, 12 – 30 pm

Terash - 07 – 15 pm, 01 – 15 pm

Chaudash - 08 – 00 pm, 02 – 00 pm

Purnima/ Amash - 09 – 00 pm, 03 – 00 pm

One of the other unique features of the area includes the holy union of Mahi Sagar and Sabarmati rivers with the Arabian Sea at a short distance from here. 

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Kavi Kamboi Jambusar Gujarat - Kavi Kamboi Stambheshwar Mahadev
Kavi Kamboi Jambusar Gujarat - Kavi Kamboi Stambheshwar Mahadev, Kavi Kamboi Jambusar, Kavi Kamboi Gujarat, Kavi Kamboi Stambheshwar Mahadev, Kavi Kamboi, Kavi Kamboi Vadodara, Stambheshwar Mahadev Kavi Kamboi, Kavi Kamboi Jambusar Gujarat, Stambheshwar Kavi Kamboi, Kavi Kamboi Vadodara Gujarat, Kavi Kamboi Bharuch, Kavi Kamboi Stambheshwar, Reach Kavi Kamboi Gujarat, Kavi Kamboi in Jambusar, Temple Kavi Kamboi Gujarat, Stambheshwar Kavi Kamboi Jambusar, Kavi Kamboi Photo, Kavi Kamboi Gujarat Photos
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