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Kayavarohan Temple Vadodara Gujarat - Kayavarohan Shiv Temple


Kayavarohan Temple Vadodara Gujarat - Kayavarohan Shiv Temple

Kayavarohan Temple Vadodara

Vadodara District in the state of Gujarat is well known for its rich cultural heritage. It enjoys the advantage of being surrounded by many beautiful places where people can visit just for the sake of fun or religious purposes as well. This certainly adds to the tourism aspects of the district. The village of Kayavarohan, popularly known as Karvan, also lies in the vicinity and is at a short distance of just 30kms from Vadodara situated at National Highway 8.

Kayavarohan Gujarat India

Holding a major religious significance, Kayavarohan is the birthplace of Lord Lakulish. If mythology holds true, it is believed that Lord Shiva in the Lakulish form appeared at this place. The Puranas say that it is this place from where Lord Shiva personified into a Brahmin family as their child. Hence, the place is known as “Kaya means Body and Varohan means Descend”. The town has many Shiva temples which hold great significance.

Karvan is also famous for Yogasanas, Bandhs and Mudras which are still practiced and taught in many temples and ashrams of the area, and were made popular by Swami Kripalvanand. Swamiji founded the Brahmeshwar temple in Kayavarohan

Presently, Kayavarohan temple holds a secret cave used for meditation and seclusion.

Great Archaeological Significance Kayavarohan

Along with holding a great religious significance, there is a great archaeological significance in the form of ruins of a Shiva Temple that was considered very sacred during later Vedic times is found here. Numerous Hindu icons and a great number of copper coins have also been found from Karvan.


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Kayavarohan Temple Vadodara Gujarat - Kayavarohan Shiv Temple
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