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Chanod Bharuch Gujarat - Chanod Triveni Sangam Narmada

Chanod Bharuch Gujarat - Chanod Triveni Sangam Narmada

Where is Chanod in Gujarat

Chanod is situated at the bank of river Narmada.

Chanod comes under Vadodara District.

Chanod Temple Gujarat

The holy spirit of the state of Gujarat thrives on towns like Chanod, which have been treated as sacred since long. They say life after death is a reality and Chanod is famous for bringing in that after life with complete rituals and traditions of Hindu religion. Every such ritual holds a great significance amongst itself and is performed for bringing in a meaningful end to the soul’s present life and paving a smooth passage for future lives.

Chanod Triveni Sangam

Situated at the banks of river Narmada, Chanod is around 31 kms from the city of Vadodara and 14 kms from the town of Dabhoi. It is easily approachable via personal vehicles, hired taxis and public vehicles. The town is also famous by the name Chandod.

Since the town is famous for performing various rituals, it is generally thronged by the visitors, while some auspicious days like full moon days certainly bring in heavy rush. The town gets a lot of importance because of culmination of three rivers namely Narmada, Orsang and Gupt Saraswati and this ‘Triveni Sangam’, as is called is considered very holy.

Chanod Narmada River

The Ghats located at river Narmada are quite big and hold deep waters where crocodiles are feared to thrive. People generally hire boats to move to and from the sangam point and enjoy holy dips after the ‘Asthi Visarjan’ ritual.

Chanod plays home to a lot of temples situated on the banks of river Narmada and visitors can move around the temples via boats and perform Darshan and other rituals in these temples. One of the major temples at Chanod is the Shiva temple located on these ghats of Narmada.

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deepak karolia
when will treveni sangam coming in year 2014 please reply me
Posted On: 27/12/2013 05:08:52
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Chanod Bharuch Gujarat - Chanod Triveni Sangam Narmada
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