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Navratri in Surat - Navratri Raas Garba Dandiya Festival Celebrations in Surat
Navratri in Surat - Navratri Raas Garba Dandiya Festival Celebrations in Surat

Navratri Garba in Surat

Surat Navratri 2015 is celebrated with devotee passion across the City. This is the time of the year when people spill into the city to be engulfed by its color, music and devout dedication with Dance.

Navratri Celebrations in Surat

During the Navratri Festival of Dandiya Raas Garba in Surat, the entire city of Surat looks like a beautiful sight. This is because the state government takes a lot of care and interest in the festival. The entire city is lightened up with small colorful lights. The last two days of the festival namely the eighth and ninth day are of prime importance. It is on those days that Devi Mahatmya is read to invoke her and seek her blessings. People, irrespective of the age take part in this holy concert.

List of Navratri Events in Surat

Navrangi Navratri 2014 Surat

Indoor Stadium Surat Navratri 2014

Awesome Navratri

Address: The Awesome World Theme Paark, Opp. BPCL Petrol Pump, Velanja - Pardi Highway, Surat, Gujarat

Dhru Group AMZ Navratri Garba Mahotsav

Address: SIECC, Sarsana, Surat

TGB Navratri Surat

Address: Magdalla Circle, Dumas Road, Surat, Gujarat

ENA Navratri Garba Mahotsav Surat

Address: Ena, (Tahsil Palsana), near Bardoli Surat, Gujarat

Rainbow Club Navratri

Address: Besides Magdalla Lake, Near Magdalla Circle, Dumas Road,

Surat, Gujarat

DHRU Group Navratri 2014

Address: Cosmos International, SIECC, SARSANNA, SACHIN - HAZIRA ROAD,, Surat, India

PUSHTI Rasotsav – 2014

Address: Shri Pushtidham,surat,Gujrat,india

Glam Garba Surat

Address: VR Surat, Surat, India

Raas Garba in Surat

Tapi Ramzat Navratri Garba Mahotsav

Address :
Lajamani Chowk, Mota varachha, Surat

Garba in Surat is the featured and most popular dance of Navratri evenings in Surat. Dandiya Raas is performed in the honor of Goddess Durga.. Women normally perform it in a stylish and rhythmic manner in a circle as they rotate around the 'mandvi'. Garba is very famous during all seasons that are why Garba Classes in Surat is must for all Suti People to joint this Musical Festival.

For NAVRATRI ORGANIZERS in Surat (Navratri 2015 in Surat)

If you are organiser of Navratri in Surat or you may know any Organizers, kindly share Venue, Cost of Entry Tickets, and Contact Details with us, we will publish it here on our website, so it will be helpful to everyone. Mail us on “ welcome@nrigujarati.co.in ”.

Navratri Dates This Year   -   Latest Navratri News

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Navratri in Surat - Navratri Raas Garba Dandiya Festival Celebrations in Surat
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