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Desi Gur - Desi Gur is famous as Desi Gur Natural Jaggery

Desi Gur - Desi Gur is famous as Desi Gur Natural Jaggery 

Indian Desi Gur by Desi Gur Manufacturers from India

Desi Gur or Desi Gur Natural Jaggery is made by concentrating sugarcane juice and removing the impurities by the Desi Gur Manufacturers without using any harmful chemicals, so it is always best suggested sweetener than any other options. It is commonly known as Desi Gur consisting of proteins, and mineral salts. Jaggery is sweet, delicious as well as contains all the nutritional values present in sugarcane. 

What is “Desi Gur” ?

Desi Gur is the Hindi Word used for Jaggery or Natural Jaggery. Mostly people used to speak as Desi Gur Natural Jaggery in routine.

Desi Gur has excellent nutritive value and contains iron and folic acid, B complex vitamins and calcium. If you have a sweet tooth and are not diabetic, you can sometimes indulge in sweets. It is so important to maintain a healthy life in order to cope up with day to day hectic lifestyle.

From centuries, Desi Gur has been used throughout India as a healthy sweetener, as no chemicals or bleaches are added during the processing. Desi Gur or Desi Gur Natural Jaggery is prepared from the sap or juice of plants such as sugarcane and date palm and used to make candies, toffees, Jaggery cakes and many other sweet preparations. 

So, your still waiting to add Desi Gur or Desi Gur Natural Jaggery to your meal ? ? Just add Desi Gur into your meal, feel the difference and stay healthy always. 


Natural Jaggery Indian Desi Gud by Jaggery Manufacturers from India 

Desi Gud - Desi Gud is famous as Desi Gud Natural Jaggery 

Brown Jaggery - Brown Jaggery Desi Gud by Indian Brown Jaggery Suppliers 

Desi Gur - Desi Gur is famous as Desi Gur Natural Jaggery


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Desi Gur - Desi Gur is famous as Desi Gur Natural Jaggery
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