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Hathni Falls Baroda Gujarat - Hathni Mata Temple Vadodara

Hathni Falls Baroda Gujarat - Hathni Mata Temple Vadodara

Hathni Waterfalls Baroda

Amongst the other alluring sites near Vadodara city, Jambughoda Sanctuary holds a distinct mention. The sanctuary is located at a distance of around 70 kms from Vadodara city. The place not only plays home to a large variety of flora and fauna but also blankets a lot many scenic and unique sites, which serve as great attractions for the visitors. Hathni Waterfalls is also amongst these beautiful places.

Hathni Waterfall Gujarat

Located in the beautiful estate of Jambughoda, Hathni Waterfalls are music to ears and a panoramic site to watch and enjoy.”Hathni” stands for “a female elephant” in Hindi language and the place is so named because of the fact that the waterfall opens up to a cave which houses a rock, shaped as a seated baby elephant. The cave has small hanuman statue and the main temple is at the base of the waterfall.

Malsar Village Vadodara  -  Caravanserai Vadodara

Kayavarohan Shiv Temple Vadodara   -  Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary Baroda

Ajwa Nimeta Garden Vadodara 

The waterfalls are at a small distance of 12kms from Jambughoda and are well hidden amongst the lush greenery and beautiful hills surrounding the entire area.

The nearby area from the sanctuary to the waterfalls plays host to a large variety of trees and flowers, which look extremely beautiful especially in the rainy season. The entire route is well surrounded by the valley of flowers, green meadows and many varied species of birds flock the region as well. The hilly terrain boasts of quartz stone hills.

The spectacular natural beauty of the entire area, combined with the mixed terrain of hills and water, blanketed in green carpet, makes the place highly visited by the people from all over. Trekking, bike rides and hanuman temple Darshan makes it a must visit destination.

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Mittal Patel
It's a very good place for a small picnic. Checkout the video and more details at http://www.mittalpatel.co.in/visit_to_hathni_mata_waterfall
Posted On: 08/09/2014 07:24:27
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Hathni Falls Baroda Gujarat - Hathni Mata Temple Vadodara
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