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Galteshwar Mahadev Temple Gujarat - Galteshwar Ahmedabad

Galteshwar Mahadev Temple Gujarat - Galteshwar Ahmedabad

Galteshwar Shiva Temple

Galteshwar is a small town near Vadodara in Gujarat. This town is famous for the famous Galteshwar temple, which was built in the Solanki era. This place is approximately 16 kms away from Dakor.

Temple Specialty

This temple is one of the most intricately carved temples here in India. It belongs to Lord Shiva and is characterized by the presence of a richly carved 8 sided wall. This wall has been used like a canvas with the carvings of human figures, gods, goddesses, gandharvas or celestial beings, doli or palanquins, nautch girls or dancers etc. Each of these figures is richly carved and people feel as if they will come to life any moment. All the important milestones that are present in the life of a person from birth to death are depicted in a very interesting and beautiful manner. The significance of the temple increase as it is built at the confluence of the two rivers that is Galati and Mahi.

Famous Picnic Spot

In fact, many people visit the temple in order to witness one of the springs, which is said to have been originated out the river Galati and sprinkles water on the head of Shiva Lingam. The river Galati is said to be the same place where the famous sage by the name Rishi Galav Muni lived. In fact, the river is used as a famous picnic spot where people can bath and enjoy in the clear waters of rapidly flowing river.

This makes the place more famous and important from historic point of view as well. The entire area of Galteshwar is very beautiful and picturesque. It has many other sights nearby which are breath taking as well.


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Galteshwar Mahadev Temple Gujarat - Galteshwar Ahmedabad
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