Welcome to Shantigram

Life is intended to be lived to the hilt. Keeping this belief in the foreground, Shantigram offers facilities that make living every moment a revelation decorated with joy. Shantigram offers you an opportunity to choose to live THE GOOD LIFE.


What good is life if our day cannot begin with a bird’s sweet song? What good is life if our children cannot run with wild abandon? Or smell the earth off wet grass. When does nine to five ever turn into ‘me time’. Who says every evening cannot end on a beautiful sunset by the lake. Why can’t we want more from life when one life is all we’ve got? Why can’t we dream of the good life when it’s out there waiting for us at Shantigram, Gujarat’s largest township.

Cradled in the lap of greenery, Shantigram is spread over 600 acres. Where state-of-the-art commercial complexes compliment luxurious residences. A 9-hole golf course invites you every day. Where weekends are packed with never-ending shopping sprees that refuse to let you retire. And the Club offers you just the perfect way to call it a day. And while Shantigram spoils you for choice, it strives to leave the environment untainted.

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