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"Welcome to the CHIRAG Construction. CHIRAG H. PATEL had started his Business in 1990 under the name of Design Center, Anand, Gujarat for providing architectural, designing / interior designing, civil construction, landscaping solutions In 1992, CHIARG H PATEL setup a second business by the name of CHIRAG CONSTRUCTION, Anand, Gujarat to provide housing and commercial solution to clients from both economically weaker as well as the affluent class. As one of the well known companies in the area, the business enjoys a very good market credit and a high reputation. Starting with a moderate. Over the period many projects both residential and commercial have been executed by CHIRAG CONSTRUCTION. Our goal is to deliver value through innovation. We benchmark our best practices, pay attention to lessons learned and constantly challenge ourselves to do better. From materials and construction methods to management techniques and information systems, we always seek new and better ways to help our customers achieve their goals

All the projects, which he has executed, are in and around the Anand town. Under the auspicious project, a name beginning with “SURYA” - which means Sun God, Chirag H. Patel has done several projects under the company name "CHIRAG CONSTRUCTION" We believe that the best-built construction projects rely on strong client relationships and excellent communication. Value, not money, is the time-tested way to make a lasting impression. It is the only way to build a building or a relationship."

In the society, now-a-days, everyone has a dream for a My Home. To realize their dream, they always search for a good and reliable construction company or a builder. Chirag H. Patel who has a wide experience and with his in-born management ability decided to enter in the field of Civil Construction basically in House / Flats of economical as well higher class. He had a dream to give a home to the people of each and every class in the Society. He decided to start this business in the Milk City of India - within the vicinity of Vallabh Vidyanagar - Anand area. This area has a lot of potential for construction business. 

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