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Ads Agbm Insta Cooker in New Delhi
Contact Address : AGBM Recreational And Social Friendship Club Ltd Pocket A one / Flat 11, Sector 3, Rohini  N Delhi, N Delhi India
Phone : 09212647290 Cell : 09212647280
Email : agbm@rediffmail.com Website : http://www.nrigujarati.co.in
Company Profile : In traditional way of cooking we are heating container and consequently food inside the container gets heated. In this method 95% of input heat energy goes to atmosphere(directly and continuously from flame/heating surface of heater/coal/wood and top & all round walls of container)

In AGBM INSTANT COOKER we are cooking food by insulating the burner or burning surface of electric heater coal or wood AND container from all side and top lid. After initial cooking of oil and spices & addition of water/curry , the bottom heater is slowed, the food is heated thru immersion rod which is electricity or LPG or coal /wood based or running boiling vegetable oil thru a coil dipped in food. This method ensures that 95% of input heat energy is consumed in food cooking and 5% goes to atmosphere

1. Use vessels with convex bottom to boil milk ,making tea, making pulses. eggs/meat ie all liquid (water or ghee/oil) rich items. Keep the gas flow of bottom burner at lowest after 2 minutes of heating, Fuel saving would be lesser for tawa / kadai (due to heat loss from surface exposed to atmosphere) based items like roti/ paranthas pakodas. Pressure Cookers may be used as an ordinary vessel. The AGBM INSTANT COOKER may be used as oven also

2. After initial frying process, slow down and/or switch off bottom burner and switch on 1 to 4 LPG or electric immersion rods (as per LPG or electric model of AGBM INSTANT COOKER) Do not use bottom burners and immersion at a time ,that will waste fuel and/or even burn food/kill nutrition.

3. Cook food to the extent of 80% and then switch off immersion rod also The AGBM INSTANT COOKER would cook the to 100%.In case of cooking multiple items one after other, cook last only last item to the extent of 80%

4. Calculate savings after a total session of cooking. Compare gas consumption from ordinary vessel traditional burner with AGBM INSTANT COOKER using similar vessel but with convex base(base protruded into the vessel)for similar quantity of food item cooked in same vessel using same size of burner in same room at same weather temperature and humidity. Making 1 or 2 cups of tea will not save 70% fuel..

5. Multiple burners at bottom and/or wall of veesel targeting LPG flames(in shape of single jet) amy be used for hard to cook item like rajma meat etc
For more details visit

On google search u wd find 15 pages on AGBM INSTANT COOKER DUE TO POSTING ON

This invention relates to the technique of cooking food, at VERY low quantity & cost of fuel consumption.
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