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Fluda Water Solutions - Ahmedabad Visited : 13390
Ads Fluda Water Solutions - Ahmedabad
Products :Mode RHF 801, Mode RHF 601, Mode RHF 702, Mode RHF 401, RO + UV, RO + UF, Etc...
Contact Address : Opp. Green City, Niryananagar.  Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
Phone : +91 99781 33233 Cell : +91 99250 23936
Email : support@fludawater.co.in Website : http://fludawater.co.in
Company Profile :

Welcome to Fluda
! We,at fluda water Solutions commit overselves for supplying products that would give complete satisfication to customers. We will strive to achive growth and leading postion in the market by :

1) Supplying consistent quality products to our valued customers

2) Complying requirement and continually improving the effectiveness of qualitty management system.

3) Creating an enviroment of team work and innovative in all our actions. We will demonstrate integrity ,truthfulness and honesty in all our actions.

4)We will promote teamwork within our organization and extend that same aprit of collaboration our customers and bussiness partnersnisl. Pre filter

5) micron to remove suspended material such as sedimnets ,insects ,fiber,asbestos,large rust & dust etc.

In line filter reduces undissolved particles such as small dust and lust from feed water and protects membrane and precabon filter from being clogged. Granular activated carbon filter (GAC) removes dissolved gases ,bad taste & odor. sediment carbon filter removes cholrin & organic matters . Water Froced with help of 24 V (high booster pump ) through a semi permeable (R.O).Membrane .This rejects a high percentage of all dissolved solids including sodium .The Impurities are literally seperated from water molecules and flushed down the sink. Post filter Toxic Chemicals Removal (TCR) virtually absorbs all organic Contaminates sanitation and removes all bad taste odor & gases of the final product water Restrains propagation of the microorganism inside water tank and enhances sanitation through Ceramics. Know your Water. TDS Measurement Using TDS Meter & TDS precipitation Using Electrodes rod. Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis is a latest technology to remove all excess total dissolved solids ,chmemicals from water up to 95 % .It removes Bacteria and virus to a level of 99 %. It restores the orginal taste and quality of water other purification methods have no effect on TDS level of water .

* Our valuable clients. 1) RIL 2) EQDC 3) SunDek International 4) Molex Mafatlal Micron 5) Vasant Prasha Hospital 6) US Pizza 7) Olives 8) Don Bosco International
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