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Narmada Dam Overflowing - Narmada Dam Latest News Overflow with Record Break Height

 Narmada Dam Overflowing - Narmada Dam Latest News Overflow with Record Break Height

Narmada Dam Overflowing - Narmada Dam Latest News

Narmada Dam Overflowing with 129 Meters

Check out “ Narmada Dam Latest News ” of “ Narmada Dam Overflowing

Today on Thursday, 9th August 2012, Narmada Dam Overflowing with 129 Meters Record Break Height.

Last Year in 2011, Narmada Dam Overflow with maximum of it’s 127 Meters Height. And today that record break at Narmada Dam Overflow with record break height of more than 129 Meters.

The Narmada is the lifeline of Gujarat. “Narmada Dam Overflowing News” is a god gift to Gujarat State to help out water crisis in the year 2012 - 2012. Due to shortage of water in various parts of Gujarat, Government is planning to spread “Narmada Dam Overflowing Water” in various rivers and dams in Gujarat State.

Lots of people are planning their “ Janmashtami Trip to Narmada Dam ” to see record break water flow from 129 meters at Sardar Sarovar Dam Gujarat. Tourists enjoy view of Overflowing Sardar Sarovar Narmada Dam near Navagam, Gujarat.

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Sardar Sarovar Dam Overflowing - Narmada Dam Overflowing 2012 

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Just Check It: Sardar Sarovar Dam Photos  -  Sardar Sarovar Dam Images

Narmada Dam Overflow 2015

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Excellent photo documentary. The pucitres depict the plight of the people effectively.The Narmada reservoir has brought respite to thirsty northern and western parts of Gujarat benefiting millions of people but at the cost of thousands living in the catchment area. What the govt. needs to do is tax the people who have been benefited on one side and utilize these funds for better education, health care and housing for the people who have been displaced or affected. Better education and vocational training will make the people employable, providing them long term benefits and not look for help' from NGOs and the govt always and forever!The other possibilities are, develop eco and wild life tourism and provide alternate employment. Learn from Kerala , Goa and Rajasthan govts. where tourism has provided excellent alternate employment opportunities to the people in the absence of regular' job opportunities.
Posted On: 09/09/2012 16:23:52
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Narmada Dam Overflowing - Narmada Dam Latest News Overflow with Record Break Height
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