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Chalo Gujarat New Jersey 2012 - Gujarat Gujarati and Gujaratism

Chalo Gujarat New Jersey 2012 - Gujarat Gujarati and Gujaratism

Again "The central theme of World Gujarati Conference - Chalo Gujarat 2012 - Gujarat, Gujarati and Gujaratism” is coming up in Next August September 2012.  Mr. Sunil Nayak, president of the Association of American Indians in North America (AAINA) is very happy to announce about this “Chalo Gujarat New Jersey 2012

Live PHOTOS of "Chalo Gujarat 2012" from NEW JERSEY - USA  


Chalo Gujarat 2012 - LOCATION 

New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center, 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837, USA

Chalo Gujarat 2012 - Date & Time

Friday, 31 AUGUST 2012 from 1:00PM Onwards

Chalo Gujarat 2012 - Tickets & Registration Places in New Jersey USA

Place 1 - 1100 Cornwall Road, Suite 115, Monmouth JCT, NJ, USA  

Place 2 - "SANGEET" OAK Tree Road, Edison, New Jersey, USA

Place 3 - Patel Video, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Chalo Gujarat New Jersey 2012” Event Date “31st Aug, 1st & 2nd Sept 2012” @ NJ, USA

Chalo Gujarat NJ 2012” is going to organize at New Jersey on 31st August, 1 & 2nd September 2012.  The Chalo Gujarat 2012 conference venue is to be set up as Chalo Gujarat Pol. In this “Chalo Gujarat NJ 2012” conference Dignitaries will come from the UK, US, India, Africa, the Gulf and Australia.

August 31” is declared as “Gujarati Day in USA” to recognize the contribution of Gujaratis to the USA. A seven-minute documentary film on present-day Gujarat called as 'Gujarat Gandhi Ni Ankhe' will be displayed on the glasses of a 20ft by 10ft statue of Gandhiji at event Chalo Gujarat New Jersey 2012.

Chaalo Gujarat”- World Gujarati Conference is an effort to inspire the global Gujaratis to reconnect with their roots through a dynamic forum of industrial, cultural, political, academic and social leaders. In this Chalo Gujarat event, AIANA aims to bring Guajaratis from all walks of life under one roof.

The Chalo Gujarat 2012” theme colours are pink, yellow and blue. These show the significance of the Chaalo Gujarat Event in the US."

What you would like say about this "  Chalo Gujarat 2012 " ? ?  Write your comment for  “Chalo Gujarat New Jersey 2012” we would love to receive your comment....   


About “ Miss Gujarat USA 2012 ”  at  Chalo Gujarat 2012 

Fill out the application - the top 7 applicants, with the most Gujarati pride will be invited to complete live at the Miss Gujarat USA 2012 pageant on Saturday, September 1st 2012 at the Raritan Expo Center in NJ. On Day 2 of Chalo Gujarat, one lucky lady will show the world that she is the epitome of Gujarati culture, representing the thousands of young women in America that keep our heritage alive.

 Several leading Gujarati Celebrities from various fields, are invited to attend the conference and share their experience. Besides, religious leaders, industrialists, businessmen, professionals, politicians, celebrities from Indian Television and Film industry attend the conference since the inception.

Chaalo Gujarat 2015 Date   -   Chaalo Gujarat 2015 in New Jersey


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Visit Official Website of Chaalo Gujarat 2012 -

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You put the lime in the coonuct and drink the article up.
Posted On: 24/04/2016 23:19:34
tejas vyas
Great event for all gujarat and gujrati
Posted On: 13/06/2014 23:15:30
Narendra modi
Awesome meeting, Chalo Gujarat is 2012 is an international level programme. many special personalities will come from UK,US, A merica,gulf and many other countries. It is our country's pride that Gujarat state government is going to do such a good work.
Posted On: 13/10/2012 06:17:24
Viren R. Barot
Chalo Gujrat is vwry good Program I am Also Gujrati I am From Ahemdabad, I wery impress in this company, i want to work this company so please mail or call me this no sir (09016436003)
Posted On: 13/09/2012 02:39:20
Posted On: 11/09/2012 01:21:30
Loved it
Posted On: 03/09/2012 08:17:27
amrit jain
ap kya smjte hai ghandhi se desh ajad hua? nahai
agar subhas chandra boss,chander shekhsr ajad our sardar bhaghat singh nahai hote to desh aaj bhi gulam hota. ab sahi ajadi chahie to " narender bhai modi " ko PM banane mai tan,man,dhan our imandari se shyog kare.60 sal se bevkuf banane walo ko ghar bhejo.
Posted On: 03/09/2012 02:35:03
Rajen Ghayal
Congratulations and best wishes from
Rajen, Geeta Ghayal & Family.
Posted On: 01/09/2012 10:00:45
chalo New Jersey ....all Gujaratis
Posted On: 30/08/2012 06:24:09
Harish Patel
Challo Gujarat,all Gujarati must have to come and experience the whole last two program My wife and i were excited and received lot of information ,fun and top of all good food. Best of all to see , meet and experience Indian top artists in person.
Have a nice day

Harish patel ,LUTCF
New York life Agent.
Posted On: 28/08/2012 03:08:27
Gujaratiiii means going to anywhere without any visa and make personal Gujarati's platform..... go on....
Posted On: 27/08/2012 09:54:23
E...Halo Halo Gujarat in America........
Posted On: 25/08/2012 09:11:25
I am proud to be a GUJJU.Very talented enthusiastic and happy go lucky
Posted On: 25/08/2012 09:09:36
I would be happy if you can have a flavour of exhibiting swami vivekananda on his 150th Birth Anniversary...He spent a lot of time in Gujarat
Posted On: 23/08/2012 05:36:30
Ankita Patwa
Want to inquire for some advertisement for chaalo Gujarat Event 2012 which is at NJ.
Posted On: 07/08/2012 05:36:28
Charmi Shah
Chalo Gujarat....Chalo Gujarat....Chalo Gujarat....To All Gujaratis Settled out of India - Charmi Shah, Chicago
Posted On: 04/08/2012 04:14:20
vijay parmar
my name is vijay and i want to join to wgc and i have some point for gujarat and i want talk with organizor and give my point and discuss with him so plz give me ur contac no.
Posted On: 31/07/2012 13:04:26
This is a very good occasion for our fellow Gujarati community. Best of luck for this event.
Posted On: 29/07/2012 13:27:16
mansi rajni sanghvi
pl send more details ,venue etc
Posted On: 29/07/2012 12:07:46
Gujaratiiii means going to anywhere without any visa and make personal Gujarati's platform..... go on....
Posted On: 29/07/2012 07:30:37
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