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Chaalo Gujarat 2015 - NRGs to Celebrate Chalo Gujarat 2015 in New Jersey USA

Chaalo Gujarat 2015 - NRGs to Celebrate Chalo Gujarat 2015 in New Jersey USA

The World Gujarati Conference has organized again Chalo Gujarat 2015.  This event is organized for Gujaratis living outside the India to reconnect NRGs- Non Residential Gujaratis to their culture, roots through dynamic forum of industrial, cultural, political, academic and social leaders. The organizers AIANA aims to bring all those NRGs under one roof.

Chaalo Gujart 2015 Date

Chaalo Gujarat Date : 31st July 2015 to 2nd August 2015

This conference is organized successfully before. This conference is of 3 days.Every year the organizers are inviting top famous person from different sectors like industrial, businessmen, TV celebrities, music, technology and they are sharing their experiences. the NRGs enjoys for 3 days in totally Gujarati environment so that they can refresh their own state and they can get connected to their culture back.

Chaalo Gujarat 2015 USA - DAY 1 Schedule 

Chaalo Gujarat 2015 USA - DAY 2 Schedule 

Chaalo Gujarat 2015 USA - DAY 3 Schedule 

Osman Mir at Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   Sairam Dave at Chaalo Gujarat 2015

Arvind Vegda at Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   Maulik Nayak at Chaalo Gujarat 2015

Aishwarya Majmudar at Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   Yogesh Gadhvi at Chaalo Gujarat 2015

Shyamal Saumil at Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   RJ Devaki at Chaalo Gujarat 2015

Parthiv Gohil at Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   Planet Parle at Chaalo Gujarat 2015

Parth Oza at Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   Aalap Desai at Chaalo Gujarat 2015

This conference is going to take place in New Jersey. Every year this conference is held during August and September. There are events like Miss Gujarat USA, networking dinners, business presentation, cultural events, and performance by celebrities and awards etc. these 3 days makes NRGs to feel about their root and culture.

Lots of our friend used to ask us about this “CHAALO GUJARAT EVENT”, and when it’s going to take place in the year 2015? So, here is the reply with all insights about “CHAALO GUJARAT 2015 EVENT”. Like earlier event is will be take place at New Jersey in USA. Few people, who present or aware about the event they are searching like “CHALO GUJARAT 2015 NJ” and similar Phrase “CHALO GUJARAT 2015 USA”

Chaalo Gujarat is an event going to held in New Jersey USA. It is an event of three days. “CHAALO GUJARAT” event will be host by The Association of Indian Americans of North America (AIANA) for fourth time in 2015 on July 31, August 1 and August 2. This is a best way of presenting the rich history and the cultural heritage of Gujarat. People like religious leaders, industrialists, professionals, politicians and celebrities from the Indian Television and Film industry will grace the event. AIANA aims to bring Gujaratis from all walks of life under one roof.

Leading Gujaratis from various fields will attend the conference and share their vision and experience. . The event will give platform to social gathering as well as business opportunities within Gujarati community of India and the United States of America (USA).The aim is to make aware the new generation about culture of Gujarat.

The president of AIANA Sunil Nayak said that about 45,000 Gujarati and Indian community people from across the globe are likely to attend this event and about 800 people from various fields will join from Gujarat.  AIANA have planned interaction between Gujarati and US-based Gujarati business people which may open new opportunities to both sides.

The Musician like Parthiv Gohil and Aishwarya Majmudar will be there at ‪Chaalo Gujarat 2015 to entertain you. Many other artists/groups will also come to rock the stage of ‪Chaalo Gujarat with their powerful singing performance. These artists are Aalap Desai, Parth Oza and Maati Baani. Folk Entertainment: Two great ‪Gujarati artists Sairam dave and Yogesh Gadhvi coming to ‪Chaalo Gujarat to entertain you all with their very own unique style. It is said, Laughing is, and always be, the best form of therapy. As always, this year too, many comedy artists coming to Chalo Gujarat 2015, to take you on a laughter ride.

The Saying of "Atra Tatra Sarvatra" means that the Gujaratis are here, there and everywhere. All the businessman are invited in Chaalo Gujarat and they have an opportunity to expand their business. The trade show ensures not only for goods and services but also it extends a good environment for all in one meeting with partners. Small and medium businesses can also get direct inquiries from customers.

The Trade show ensures dedicated attention from direct targets. All the business spends huge amounts of money to communicate with their beneficiaries. Sharing more on “CHAALO GUJARAT 2015” Mr. Sunil Nayak, President, AIANA said, “This is for the first time that we have made a move of building a tempo as a precursor to the main event. We wanted to disseminate the aura and objective to a wider audience. It is a very special occasion for us and its magnitude has made me come here specially from US.

A ten feet ‘Kitli’ was featured reflecting the Gujarati penchant for tea along with puppets as tall as ten to twelve feet and life size animals to excite one and all. Ten feet murals of Somnath Temple and The Sun Temple of Modhera were made as real images of the original. Many more things like vintage cars, Bullets, and the legendary Rajdoot were also featured with traditional Gujarati artwork painted on them and bioscope hand-pumps, bi-cycle and many more things.

CHAALO GUJARAT 2015 will have lots of events including Folk Music and Dance, Celebrity Interaction, Multimedia Spectacle, Folk Music & Dance, Sugam Sangeet, Celebrity Interaction, Trade Show, Gujarati Theatre, Art & Crafts Exhibition, Seminar & Conferences, Live Multimedia Acts, Talk Show, Poetry & Literature, Spiritual Discourses and more.

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Chaalo Gujarat 2015 - NRGs to Celebrate Chalo Gujarat 2015 in New Jersey USA
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