About Us

Core Values


We at Aishwaryam believe in moral principles & ethics and ensure we implement it in our daily work practice. Our systematic & transparent approach leaves no room for any kind of discrepancy. Our firm foundation and conduct precedes us and our actions speak louder than our words. Our recommendations & testimonials reiterate our ethical voice.


Aishwaryam – Simple Living High Thinking. At Aishwaryam integrity is a vital ingredient in our success. We want our clients to have expectations which make us want to serve them better. We rely on our success to grow further, which has been built on years of trust & confidence. Our relationship with our clients, partners & team members is a reflection of our commitment based on mutual respect & trust.

Conceptual Design

From residential, commercial to weekend homes we have a conceptual flow which is rigidly followed & adhered to. A conceptual design is team work which starts with a design concept or an outline to development, feasibility & assessment. This fundamental relationship between our team is procured by varied routes, but is based on certain core design factors, which eventually lay the foundation of a novice concept.

Environmentally Concious

Laying a solid foundation & constructing a structure which supports the environment is a Aishwaryam policy. Preserving & protecting the environment is the new war cry of the society today and rightfully so. Go Green and follow eco-friendly rules to save our planet should be a norm. The right use of our resources will greatly impact our environment and it is imperative we make certain changes to accommodate an eco-friendly plan while constructing & building.

Affordable Housing

Aishwaryam has various residential schemes which are deemed affordable by most medium household income. These properties which come under affordable housing are very well designed with maintaining standards & meeting needs. There has been a thorough analysis & a conscientious market survey to come up with a design & figure which is conducive & feasible, while being desirable to it's owners.

Value for Money

We ensure our clients obtain maximum benefits from our housing schemes. Keeping in mind cost, amenities, location with the changing economy a complete full-proof analysis is carried out at Aishwaryam to ensure the client get the best Value for money. Although this is extremely subjective & can be contested we make sure there is complete transparency & the client is satisfied. The client is given the option of a full assessment to maximize on their investment. And this holds true with projects of various sizes as well as across the spectrum from low cost to high-end.



Transparency greatly depends on trust & honesty between the buyer & the seller. Verifiable transactions yield a greater level of trust & build a stronger foundation. A dedicated team at Aishwaryam takes you through the entire transaction process, where you can rest assured at every stage. We do not believe in a one-time-buy we believe in building long term relationships.

Cost Effectiveness

A thorough economic & market analysis with near-exact comparisons could yield results which are fairly cost-effective for both the owner & the consumer. Cost-effectiveness in the property market can be measured in terms of location, size, amenities etc which could again be fairly subjective, but at Aishwaryam we try our best to design space with always keeping in mind the cost-utility & still not compromising on the final product.


Cost-effective & affordable housing does not mean compromising on quality. At Aishwaryam we ensure we meet the quality standards at all times. We interpret this fairly subjective attribute by being as specific and transparent as we can. What you see is what you get; you will not be disappointed with your buy even after a few years down the line. Our intention is complete satisfaction.

Customer Interface

A customer interface is imperative in the present day scenario. This platform is crucial for growth & complete reliability. Ensuring there is complete understanding & commitment in delivering what is promised a customer interface is almost like an agreement. We at Aishwaryam believe this platform which is a consensus review of the market & the customer community enables the buyer to communicate his grievances in a formal or informal manner.


It is imperative that a schedule is followed and timelines are adhered to. For us and the consumer a project deadline has to be met, keeping in mind constantly changing property market scenarios. Therefore, in this industry it is even more essential to establish the design & implementation phase in all practicality. Maintaining timelines in the real estate industry is extremely important for both the buyer & the seller.


Commitment plays a pivotal role in building trust & maintaining relationships. An extremely effective way in influencing success & growth it also makes working together easier. This could be formally agreed or informally, but at Aishwaryam we take our commitments extremely seriously and are constantly aware that we attribute our success & growth to it.

Innovation and R&D

Constantly evolving with innovation & R&D is an extremely important part of the Real Estate industry. From fundamental to basic research to advance development innovation at Aishwaryam is a constant process. We keep ourselves updated & abreast with technology & changing times & trends. The Real Estate market is constantly fluctuating & is unreliable hence it is necessary to be fully aware at all times.

Facility Management

From non-core functions to internal management of people, infrastructure & administration facility management is subjected to constant innovation. From human factors to operations & management at Aishwaryam we believe in constantly evolving. To provide the best in class upkeep of the handed-over end product. We believe that the end product is not the end for us, and a good facility management helps maintain and nurture the original concept in its totality.

Our Team

Mr.Dayabhai Khatri – Chairman

Mr.Dayabhai has more than 40 years experience in land development. He guides the purchase and financial planning of the projects. With his in-depth understanding of the real estate business, he helps the group make the best use of resources deployed for a project. He also plays an important mentoring role by helping other in the organization realize their full potential.

Mr.Chintan Bhatt - Co-Chairman - CEO

Phone No : +91 777 905 5777

The Founder Chairman of Aishwaryam Group of Companies, Chintan Bhatt has experience in the construction and real estate development industry. He has successfully delivered projects in the realty space. It is his ability to spot the development hubs and identify the investment opportunities, that gives the Aishwaryam Group an edge over the competitors.

A dynamic and result-oriented leader, Chintanbhai's ability to nurture and instill a positive attitude has enriched the management team.

Mr.Fenil Varde - Managing Director

Fenil has five years experience in the construction and real estate development industry. With his depth of knowledge and great inter personal skills he often acts the public relations manager of the group.

A keen thinker, Fenil is a man with far reaching vision that contributes to the forward thinking inclination of the Aishwaryam Group. Fenil has a degree in Civil Engineering.

Sanjay Vitthani, Finance & Purchase

Mr. Sanjay has ten years experience in land development. He guides the purchase and financial planning of the projects. With his in-depth understanding of the real estate business, he helps the group make the best use of resources deployed for a project. He also plays an important mentoring role by helping other in the organization realize their full potential.

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