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Products :Bathing Bar, Natural Fibre Juice, Walnut Scrub, Herbal Massage Cream, Multipurpose Herbal Gel, Etc...
Contact Address : Beru Road, near Gaushala  Nakhatrana, Gujarat India
Phone : +91 92274 76430 Cell : +91 92274 76430
Email : crudebliss@gmail.com Website : http://www.ecoaloevera.com
Company Profile : We harvest, process and package these products in the town of Nakhatrana, State of Gujarat, India. Recently, we have been certified as an ISO 9001 2000 compliant company; that spells the adherence to our prime objective, 'Quality'.

We have taken it upon ourselves to utilise the desert climate of Kutch; and turn it into a blessing to our local farmers. We produce a range of quality products using the maximum amounts possible of purified Aloe Vera pulp. Experience the Gift of Kutch, Gujarat yourself.

Kutch Gujarat is a very dry land... and it has a very good climate for Aloe Vera... there are over 120 farmers that have grown this cactus and to them... this plant is a blessing... it requires very little water and no fear of animals eating thier produce...

Aloe Vera is one of the most potent sources of anti-oxidants, Vitamins E and C and Vitamin B-12 (only known natural source). Recent studies are demonstrating the remarkable benefits of anti-oxidants. Oxidation in cells, can damage DNA, leading sometimes to cancer, other diseases and, to the changes associated with aging. The anti-oxidant compounds counter the aging effects wrought by the free radicals. Patients too have weak health and immune system. Treasure of over 200 nutritional elements in Aloe Vera gives immediate boost to overall health and immune system. People drinking Aloe Vera regularly were shown to suffer less from life threatening diseases and overall live about 10% longer life.
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