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Atharva Multi Speciality Ayurveda Hospital Visited : 5050
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Products :Leucoderma (White Patches,Vitiligo), Psoriasis, Panchkarma, Cancer Treatment, Etc...
Contact Address : 2, Paras Society, Nirmala Convent Road, Opp.Physio Therapy College.  Rajkot, Gujarat India
Phone : +91 281 2577156 Cell : +91-98251 63953
Email : drgaurang_joshi@yahoo.com Website : http://www.atharvaayurveda.com
Company Profile : Health Conscious Individuals all over the world are taking more responsibility for their own health & well being.There are more choices offered than ever before for helath maintenance and treatment of ailments: we should undertake a right choice of "Holistic Approach" towards health incorporating lifestyle,diet,discipline and a positive attitude towards life.

To Achieve this "Atharva Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital"has brought an age old science Ayurveda and ayurveda Panchakarma and all about Ayurved Life style under one roof.

"Shariram Satvam cha Aatma Trayam Atat Tridandvat" -Charak Samhita

Physical body,mind and soul aremthree pillars of live human architecture.The Harmony Of Body, Mind and Soul maintains a helthy life while any imbalance can shake the eqilibrium leading to various ailments.Dharma,artha,Kama,Moksha aremthe four fruits of human life which can only be achieve and enjoyed by a healthy person.

"Atharva Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital" Has a professional team to make you deep rooted to enjoy the fruits of life.

"Atharva Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital" is situated in Rajkot, the cultural city of Gujarat, India.

Atharva Ayurveda Is an International Ayurveda Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital,The Aims and Object of this hospital is to provide the best Of Ayurveda treatment For All diseases under one roof.

Atharva has the unique Ayurveda Research Centre to Provide incredible Ayurveda Treatment In all Skin Diseases Specially Atharva Has Designed the Treatment For Psoriasis And Leucoderma(Vitiligo) to get rid of these complicated Skin Diseases.

Atharva Has International Standard Panchakarma Treatment Facilities to Detoxifies the body Naturally to Enhance the Immunity in all types of Acute and Chronic Diseases.

Atharva is the Only International Ayurveda Treatment Centre For the Most Deadly Disease Cancer. Atharva is the Only International Ayurveda Treatment Centre For the Most Deadly Disease Cancer.

Atharva Has Developed Its Unique Ayurveda Treatment to Reduce the Side effect of Radiotherapy And Chemotherapy in All Types Of Cancer.

"Atharva" is located in very posh & peaceful area of the city Rajkot, where u will feel absolutely homely atmosphere, peace & unforgetable loving approach by its founders, Dr.Gaurang Joshi & Dr. Bhavna Joshi, truely dedicated to Ayurveda & devoted to patients coming for their various problems.

Atharva is situated in the heart of city,Domestic Airport is Only 5 Minutes from Atharva,where Daily 4 Flights between Rajkot-Mumbai-Rajkot are available.Railway Station is situated just 10 minutes from Atharva.

Also there are 5 star and 3 star Hotels Are Here for the patients from Abroad And for NRI‘s Who can enjoy their India Visit and Panchakarma Treatment with lots of comfort at Atharva.

1) Sucessfull Ayurveda treatment of Leucoderma(Vitiligo) and Psoriasis
State of the art Keralian Panchkarma treatment center.

2) Cancer Diagnostic, Treatment & Diet information center.

3) Special Ayurvedic Treatment in Cancer to combat the side effect of Radio Therapy and Chemotherapy.

4) Immuno Therapy for all immunodeficient disorders.

5) Skin Care : Leucoderma, Psoriasis, Eczema, Pimples and All Skin diseases.

6) Obesity center : Weight loss and gain.

7) Mental Care : Tension, Depression, Epilepsy, Mental Deformity care by Atharva‘s Special Ayurvedic Treatment.

8) Hair Care : Special Ayurvedic treatment for Alopecia, White Hair, Dandruff and other hair problems.

9) Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic Cold, Asthama, Paralysis,Spondylytis,Osteo Rhematoid Arthritis,Diabetis Malitas, Abdominal Disorders and Liver Disorders.

10) Special Ayurvedic Treatment for all types of Renal(Kidney) disorders including ARF(Acute Renal Failure), CRF(Chronic Renal Failure), Renal stones.

11) "KshaarSutra" Therapy to cure Piles, Fisher and Fistula available.

12) Infertility Treatment Center.

13) Yoga Center.

14) Special Paediatric treatment available for New Born Babies for their physical and mental growth.

15) Special Ayurvedic Treatment for all types of chronic and acute diseases available at "Atharva".

16) An Exclusive International Multispeciality Ayurved Hospital For Psoriasis,Cancer,Vitiligo and All Chronic Diseases Speciality Ayurved treatment with ayurved Panchakarma Treatment Under One Roof.

17) The One step Solution For Your Any Inquiry About Ayurveda.
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