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Lothal City Ahmedabad - Ancient Lothal History Ahmedabad Gujarat
Lothal City Ahmedabad - Ancient Lothal History Ahmedabad Gujarat

Lothal city Ahmedabad
is one of the most famous sites of Indus hill Civilization. Lothal Ahmedabad Distance is about 80 km southwest of Ahmedabad and available by the narrow-gauge rail from Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad Lothal Bus is connected to via road and railways facilities available to all people. On your tour to Gujarat you can plan outing from Ahmedabad and arrange a Lothal Gujarat Tourism.

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Lothal Historical Place
the town of Lothal gets its name from the word "Loth" which means death. Related sites of Indus Valley Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, the local people call it the mound of the dead Lothal Tour, Gujarat you can get a sight of this site which once used to be a successful town engaged in marine trading activities. Burkhi-Lothal station is 5 km from the Lothal quarry site and museum. Lothal is connected to Ahmedabad by narrow estimate train which starts from Gandhi gram station in Ahmedabad.

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Lothal in Gujarat
is one of the main sites of archaeology. If you have spare time Lothal is a great intention that can be included in your tourism trip of Ahmedabad city. Animal give up, worshipping the fire and sacrifice at the altars was a common practice. During your Lothal Tour, Gujarat you will get an idea on the lifestyle and social picture of the Harappan Civilization.
In the rainy season and winter season, Lothal is a very comfortable to place to visit and enjoy too much with greenery nearby the site. You will be able to spend quiet time thinking about the lost people.

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Lothal City Ahmedabad - Ancient Lothal History Ahmedabad Gujarat
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