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McDonalds Rajkot India - McDonalds Franchise in Rajkot
McDonalds Rajkot India - McDonalds Franchise in Rajkot

Hey Rajkotians !! Very Good news for Food Lovers !!

McDonalds - one of the world's leading food service retailer in 118 countries, with more than 34,000 restaurants serving nearly 69 million people every day. McDonalds Founder is Ray Kroc.

Yes Rajkotians, McDonalds in Rajkot India very soon. Latest News says, Now McD in Rajkot Gujarat. McDonalds Rajkot Address is may be at Rajkot’s Gaurav Path Kalawad Road Rajkot.

McDonalds Rajkot Address - Kalawad Road Rajkot Gujarat

Many big firms try to take McDonalds Franchise in Rajkot. Now Rajkot gets success to have McDonalds Franchise in Rajkot Gujarat. All big hubs of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and now Rajkot is also queue in McDonalds Store in Gujarat List.

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McDonalds serves best as Rajkotians choice. World Famous McDonalds’s Fries (French Fries) is a yummy attraction in McDonalds Vegetarian Menu. Other famous burgers in McD Menu like Hamburger, Cheeseburger, McDouble, daily double Etc.

Eagerly Waiting to go at “McDonalds Rajkot” with your buddies ??

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siddharth raval
Yuppppppppi..... McD in Rajkot. I am very enjoy it and i am loving it.
Posted On: 21/08/2013 07:05:50
B Joshi
I am posting the the following comments. I am most disturbed about Mc Donalds opening in Rajkot as that is the capital of Saurashtra. I believe this food is the most unhealthy food according to a recent program shown on BBC uk about obese kids in Mumbai mostly eating McDonald foods. Not only that McDonald serve MEAT mainly and Fries were originally fried Beef oil . Now Gujarat has no defence if people of different faith slaughter cows and sale it opnely in shops known as butchers i Uk. It seems that moral values in gujarat are fast disappearing . Rweading the comments about McDonlda opening in Rajkot appears to be something proud of. Beware there will be demands to openly sale MEAT in Shops and openely slaughtring Cows and other animals since there is no defence now. Gujarat has become or lost its moral position. While you are at it also why not open liquer stores. as far as i know the majrity of people are vegeterians in Rajkot and worships in Temples so did the imoral have gained foot in Gujuarat. This is very bad news
Posted On: 21/08/2013 04:05:15
Sagar Kakkad

Its very pleasure to have McDonalds in Rajkot and for the same I am very happy. Bunch of congratulation for the owner, but here what I want to suggest you is that may you please announce the inauguration date.
I also have suggestion that if inauguration is done by any famous Bollywood personality than it will be great step and for the same I have contacts with some of the personalities like Mr. Vivek Oberoi. I know the owner also have a huge contacts but as I am the aspiring candidate it would be my pleasure if you give me a chance to serve you with my possible best.
If I am beneficial to you than please drop me a mail in my mail Id or a message on my mobile {9601780526}.
Awaiting to be a part of your initiative.
Thanks and regards,
Sagar Kakkad.
Posted On: 20/08/2013 09:00:29
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McDonalds Rajkot India - McDonalds Franchise in Rajkot
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