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Famous Fast food in Rajkot - Places for Best Food in Rajkot
Famous Fast food in Rajkot - Places for Best Food in Rajkot

All Rajkotians are crazy about “Rajkot Foods”. People can found unlimited places for Best Food in Rajkot. Everyone can found delicious and yummy test in every Food Places in Rajkot. All food zones are best for Rajkotians, but some food places are different and hatke zone for every people. Here are places of Famous Food in Rajkot.

Fast Food is all time favorite for all people of Rajkot from every corner of Rajkot. Some Food Places in Rajkot have a unique dish to attract everyone. Rajkotians are passionate about food either it is Punjabi Dish of South Indian Dish. Either it is Gujarati Tadka or it is Yummy Chinese. Either it is Ice Cream Desert or Crunchy Bhajiya. Also some different food categories that very famous in Rajkot are Garam Masaledar Tea at selected tea stall in Rajkot, delicious Ghughra (Ghughara), all time famous of all Gujarati Khaman Dhokla, Kathiyawadi Food, All Pani Puri Centers in Rajkot, Dabeli Zone, Pau Bhaji (Bhaji Pau Centre), All Bhel Houses, Chapdi Undhiyu of Rajkot, Vada Pav specially in monsoon, Rajkot no Kavo, Masala Corn, Samosa, Chana Chor Garam, Crunchy Puff and Dal Vada Centers. All Fast Food in Rajkot like, Hotdog, Burger, spicy and vegetable sandwiches, tasty Pizza, Mexican Food, Thai Food Etc…

Here are some places of Famous Food in Rajkot / Best Food in Rajkot

Rajmandeer Food Zone -
Tagor Road Rajkot famous for Yummy Fast Food in Rajkot

Jhafar Tea Stall -
Yagnik Road Rajkot famous for Garam Masaledar Tea in Rajkot

Anaam Ghughara -
Opp. Patel Wadi Rajkot famous for Tasty Ghughra in Rajkot

Sadguru Khaman House -
Yagnik Road Rajkot famous for Khaman Dhokla in Rajkot

Yadav Restaurant -
Sorathiya Wadi Rajkot famous for Kathiyawadi Food in Rajkot

Mayur Bhajiya -
Gondal Road and Kotecha Chowk Rajkot famous for tasty Bhajia in Rajkot

Satya Vijay Patel Ice Cream -
Sadar Rajkot famous for yummy Ice Cream Centre in Rajkot

Shree Hari Namkeen -
Kotecha Chowk Rajkot famous for all type of Samosa in Rajkot

Khetla Aapa ni Chaa (Tea) -
Kalawad Road Rajkot famous for Best Tea in Rajkot

Naitri Pani Puri -
150 Ft. Ring Road Rajkot famous for spicy and unique pani puri centre in Rajkot.

Sankalp Restaurant -
Race Course Chowk Rajkot famous for Saouth Indian Dish in Rajkot

Jay Siyaram Pendawala -
Kalawad Road Rajkot famous for delicious sweets in Rajkot especially for Penda.

Above are only some examples of Good Food in Rajkot. Except of above, so many Food Zones in Rajkot. Friends, you can also suggest us any food category or any food place in Rajkot to add in above list of Best Food in Rajkot. You can write your views here in “Comment Area”.
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HAASH Chiki (peanut Chiki, Til Chiki, coconut Chiki, dadiya Chiki) is very good in quality
Bhaktinagar Railway Station Chowk, RAJKOT
Posted On: 31/01/2016 13:59:06
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Famous Fast food in Rajkot - Places for Best Food in Rajkot
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