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Hadimba Devi Temple Manali Himachal Pradesh - History Photos Images
Hadimba Devi Temple Manali Himachal Pradesh - History Photos Images

Attractive Hill Station Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh is not only a home to beautiful and romantic attractions, but it also have a deep devotional enthusiasm that is motivated by most devoted temple named Hadimba Devi Temple Manali Himachal Pradesh.

Hadimba Devi Temple Manali,
also known as The Hidimba Devi Temple Manali which identified the female as di in Dimasa Kachari word, Hidimdi Devi is related to Dimasa Kachari living in North East India, who was a son of the soil of Assam, is located in Manali.

History of Hadimba Devi Temple Manali - Hadimba Temple Manali History

Constructed by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1550 AD, Hadimba Temple Manali is a much revered divinity of the locals where the Goddess regularly consulted in times of natural hardship or calamity.

The patron-deity of the Rajahs of Kullu, Hadimba married Bhima, the Pandava brother. Legend states that the Pandavas stayed in Himachal during their exile, where Bhima was attached by Hadimb. After killing her brother, Bhima married her. In the final years of her life, she went to the woods called Dhungri Van Vihar to meditate. At the place of her meditation, the temple was built in the year 1553 in Pagoda style. The wooden four-storey structure is also known as the Dhungri Temple. This is the History of Hidimba Devi Temple Manali.

Hadimba Temple Manali Photos / Hidimba Devi Temple Photos

The Hadimba Temple in Manali is surrounded by a cedar forest at the foot of the Himalayas. The sanctuary is built over a huge rock cutting out of the ground. The most surprising feature of the temple or what believers could call the most reassuring feature of the temple is the fact that inside the temple the imprint of the feet of the Goddess carved on a block of stone are worshipped and if you go to Google Satellite and zoom into the area where the temple is located, you can clearly see the imprint of a giant foot spanning across the valley in the area near the temple. You can find here Hidimba Devi Temple Photos. Its thumb starts from where Google shows the Manali Heights hotel to be located and the rest of the foot goes all the way down the slope. You can search in Google also Hadimba Temple Manali Photos.

Hadimba Devi Temple at Manali
also celebrates her Birthday. In a ceremony called ‘Ghor Pooja', blessing of the ceremonial horse by the goddess is sought, which marks the origination of Dussehra celebrations. On 14th May, a huge fair is also held at the temple to celebrate her birthday. During the celebrations, rice beer or ‘longri’ are relished.
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Hadimba Devi Temple Manali Himachal Pradesh - History Photos Images
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