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Kutchi Bhatia Community - History of Bhatia Caste of Kutch
Kutchi Bhatia Community - History of Bhatia Caste of Kutch
Kutchi Bhatia Community is extended in all area of Kutch Gujarat. Kutchi Bhatia Caste is very well known caste in all over the world. Here are basic details of Kutchi Bhatia Caste and Kutchi Bhatia History.
About Kutchi Bhatia Caste
The Kutchi Bhatia Community People are a naturally innovative people and successfully entered many spheres of commerce and industry such as the textiles, cotton, iron and steel, mining and shipping industries and some have become millionaires as a result. You all know these facts about Bhatia Community of Kutch.
About Kutchi Bhatia History
The geographical History of the Kutchi Bhatia Caste is uncertain. Denzil Ibbetson, an ethnographer of the British Raj, noted that many were found in Sindh and Gujarat in the 19th century CE but that there were grounds to believe that they had migrated from Bhatner, Jaisalmer and the area then known as Rajputana, approximating to modern-day Rajasthan.
The Kutchi Bhatias, who had been associated in particular with the Multan area in Sindh, were historically merchants and they probably formed part of the earliest Indian diaspora found in Central Asia, together with the Lohana communities.
About Kutchi Bhatia Community

In recent years the Kutchi Bhatias have felt the need for higher specialized foreign education and a number of boys and girls have gone to the USA and Germany for advanced studies. Dubai has also main connection with all Kutchi Bhatias for business. A large number of them have settled down abroad.

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Deepak Toprani
Are Kutchi Bhatia Gujarati or Sindhi?
Posted On: 10/06/2013 08:25:21
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Kutchi Bhatia Community - History of Bhatia Caste of Kutch
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