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Weather Information of Nainital - Weather Forecast of Nainital

Nainital Weather is enjoyable throughout the year. As per Weather Information of Nainital Summers are mildly warm and not hot. The temperatures in the summer reach an optimal 25 degrees centigrade. Weather Forecast of Nainital exhibits cold conditions during winter. The temperature in Nainital dips to sub-zero levels. Nainital offers snowfall to its visitors during the months of December and February.

The hill station of Nainital enjoys a pleasant throughout the year. Nainital is best places to buy Villas in Nainital, Bungalows in Nainital, Retreat in Nainital, perhaps the reason why British chose it as their summer capital. The hill resort is famous for its picturesque locales, lofty mountains, so


As per Weather Information of Nainital Summers are the best time to visit the hill station of Nainital. Nainital weather is totally enjoyable and the slight warmness in the day serves a welcome change in the usual misty weather. Nainital temperature in summers reaches a most favorable level of 27o C, while the minimum temperature may dip down to 7o C. Summers comprise of the climax season for tourists to stay the hill station, especially those belonging to the hot northern plains.


As per Weather Forecast of Nainital Monsoon season in Nainital lasts from the month of June to September. This season results in the reducing of the mercury in the hill resort. Being a hill station, Nainital witnesses early onset of monsoons. As the monsoons come, they also bring along mist and clouds at a very low level, adding a romantic feel to the place.


This is the freezing cold season of Nainital, when the minimum temperature stoops down to -3o c. The winter sets in Nainital from the month of October and lasts till February. During this time, the entire town gets swallowed by snow, rendering it a serene ambience. People, from the plains, collect to Nainital in December, to view the first snowfall of the season. Till February, Nainital continues to see fresh spurts of snowfall.

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Weather Information of Nainital - Weather Forecast of Nainital
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