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Vastu Shastra Tips for Business - Vaastu Guide for Business Growth

Vastu Shastra Tips for Business - Vaastu Guide for Business Growth

Vastu is a science that deals with the structure and architecture Designs. It works by balancing five elements (Panchabhutas) of environment Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space. Some People follow it while some does not believe in it.

Vastu Shastra releated Tips Videos are available in all tongue like, Vastu Shastra in Marathi, In Hindi and Gujarati, Vastu Videos in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu Language also.

Vastu Shastra are not only applicable on residential buildings and commercial buildings, it also affects Business places or Manufacturing Plants, factory etc. Many modern projects like Vidhan Bhavan in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh and Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya in Ahmedabadjarat  Ghave been constructed as per Vastu Shastra.

Here’re some Vastu Tips to follow for the success of your business:

- If you are looking for a land or plot for your office, factory or any other commercial structure, these plots are broader from front and narrower at the end.

- Office building should face north-east or north-west directions.

- should keep the central part of office building empty.

- Staff working position is towards the north or east directions

- Office owner Room should be in south-west direction

- Accounts department should be in the north and east zone.

- If you want to place aquarium put it in North East Directions.

- All the electrical apparatus should be placed in the south-east direction of the office building.

For more you can go through Vastu Shastra Videos, Vaastu Guide for Business Growth available in Social Media or any Channels. 

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Business - Vaastu Guide for Business Growth
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