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Koteshwar Mahadev Temple Kutch Gujarat Tourism India


Koteshwar Mahadev Temple Kutch Gujarat Tourism India

The Temple of Koteshwar Mahadev is situated amongst the desert of Kutch. The temple is constructed from white bricks and is having the height of around 80 feet and is spread in around 2 square kilometers area. This temple was constructed before around 1200 years. The famous Chinese traveler Hue an Sang have also mentioned about the existence of this temple in his notebook, written around the year 910.

The Lord Shiva Lingam, placed here at the temple is black in color and elliptical shape, having the height of around two feet. The continuous abhishek of water from the near by River Sarswati is done on this Lord Shiva lingam.

 The pilgrims prefer to attend morning and evening artis at Koteshwar Mahadev temple. There is a beautiful garden all around this holy and ancient temple. All the visitors love to sit and relax in this beautiful garden and can have their family picnic lunch at the temple.

After traveling over the expanse of desert in western Kutch, you find the Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, at a place where the immensity of dry land meets the incomprehensible vastness of the sea. After so much arid ground, the sight of the ocean will awaken your spirits; though the sea is even less hospitable to humans, a sobering thought.

The only point that breaks the skyline from the flat brown horizon to the east and the wide blue horizon to the west is the point of the Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, the last outpost of human construction at the westernmost limit of India.

Not overrun by tourists like the temple at Dwarka, Koteshwar Mahadev is conducive to contemplating emptiness, pondering the place of humanity on earth (and ultimately, isn’t that what spiritual traditions are about.

The story of Koteshwar Mahadev begins with Ravana, who won a boon from Lord Shiva for an outstanding display of piety. This boon was the gift of a Shiva linga of great spiritual power, but which Ravana, in his arrogant haste, accidentally dropped and it fell to earth at Koteshwar Mahadev.

To punish Ravana for his carelessness, the linga turned into a thousand identical copies. Unable to distinguish the original, Ravana grabbed one and departed, leaving the original one here, around which Koteshwar Mahadev Temple was built.

Visitors can see the Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, walk along the beach and on a clear night, even see the glow of light from Karachi, Pakistan, on the northwestern horizon.  
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What is exact story of Koteshwar - as in Puran - including Brahama - cow , ganpati - Baal , and Shiva as a LING roops !
Posted On: 26/08/2015 07:13:32
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Koteshwar Mahadev Temple Kutch Gujarat Tourism India
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