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Bhadra Fort Ahmedabad Photos

Bhadra Fort Ahmedabad Photos

History of Bhadra Fort Ahmedabad

Gujarat is a colorful state known for its tall and imposing forts and palaces and beautifully ornamented temples of Hindus, Jains and Buddhists and intricately designed lattice patterned Mosques. Lakes, step wells and rich culture speak of the heritage that Gujarat has always been acknowledged of. Bhadra fort is one such place, which is very interesting and dipped in rich history.

Built in the year 1411 AD by the founder of Ahmedabad, Sultan Ahmed Shah, this has been a top-ranking fort in Ahmedabad. The deep red sandstone used for the fort has made this a landmark destination. The Bhadrakali temple, which is present inside the fort premise, has given the name of the fort as Bhadra fort. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi had blessed the Sultan with prosperity of the city of Ahmedabad. Legend has it the fort was the first Muslim structure built in the city.

Location of Bhadra Fort

The tall and intimidating fort has arched gateways, consists of a lavish palace and few temples, and of course, beautiful gardens. The embellished balustrade and spacious rooms of the palace inside the fort is truly enchanting. Today, the fort is a well-known spot for the people who are touring Ahmedabad. Its proximity to other places like Teen Darwaza has made Bhadra fort a popular hub for the milling tourists from near and far. In the recent times on the Independence Day and Republic day, flags are hoisted here.

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Bhadra Fort Ahmedabad Photos
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