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The Whole 9 Yards - The Art of Draping a Sari by Kalpana Shah

The Whole 9 Yards - The Art of Draping a Sari by Kalpana B. Shah 

About The Whole 9 Yards 

A Coffee Table Book on Draping a Sari in Various Styles 

'The Whole 9 Yards' provides precise instructions to readers, along with photographs, illustrating the many steps that go into draping an Indian sari. With instructions, it offers a variety of styles suited to every occasion, from parties to weddings and even for corporate events. 

It teaches How to wear Saree in different style. 

An exquisite design and concise, well written copy together with beautiful photographs ensures a book that is not just pleasing to look at, but also an excellent and full-proof guide to the practical art of draping a sari. A must have for every Indian woman, both in the country and abroad, the book features models & trend setters in the fashion and modeling industry. This book is unique both in terms of content as well as form. This book has the best of everything from paper, to pictures supplemented by in-depth research, models, production and the expert guidance of Mrs. Shah creating a work of art in the form of an appealing coffee table book. 

Saree Draping Styles 

This book on “Saree Draping” will guide you for insightful information like “Saree Draping Styles for Girls”, “Saree Draping Styles for Wedding”, “Saree Draping Styles for Women”, “Saree Draping Styles for Brides”, “Saree Draping Styles to look slim” etc… 

Title of the Book: The Whole 9 Yards 

Author: Kalpana B. Shah 

Language: English 

Genre of the Book: Coffee Table Book 

We would love to see your comment for this creative book “The Whole 9 Yards - The Art of Draping a Sari by Kalpana B. Shah” 

Main Category : Fashion & Lifestyles
Sub Category : Sari Draping Style
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Where can i buy the book "The Whole 9 Yards " by Kalpana B. Shah ?
Posted On: 19/11/2012 19:27:03
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The Whole 9 Yards - The Art of Draping a Sari by Kalpana Shah
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