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Navratri Tattoos - Navratri Tattoo Design

Navratri Tattoos - Navratri Tattoo Design

Navratri Tattoos

Tattoos are the latest Navratri fashion for Youngsters, in this Navratri festival which will begin on September 25. 

Navratri Blouse Design   -   Traditional Navratri Blouse

These year the Tattoo artists have been charging anything between Rs100 to Rs1,000, depending on the size and complexity of the design, market sources said.

Tattoo gives a different look and makes the personality attractive. The viewers, who turn up to see garba events, easily notice those sporting special designs. Girls prefer tattoos depicting Radha-Krishna doing dandiya raas, or that of a butterfly, a star, Peacock, Dragon, Spider, a flower, or a dolphin.

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If you are organizer of Navratri, kindly share Venue, Cost of Entry Tickets, Contact Details etc with us, we will publish it here on our website, so it will be helpful to everyone. Mail us on “ welcome@nrigujarati.co.in ”.

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Navratri Tattoos - Navratri Tattoo Design
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