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Meaning of GERUA - What is Hindi & English Meaning of GERUA Word (Dilwale Song Fame)

Meaning of GERUA - What is Hindi & English Meaning of GERUA Word (Dilwale Song Fame)

GERUA Song of movie Dilwale is become very famous now days. In Gerua Song Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Dilwale Hindi Movie 2015 is Looking Superb. In Gerua Song Director Rohit Shetty has captured Romanticism of Bollywood best couple Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Dewgan in “Geruha” the first song from “DILWALE”.

To begin with, Geruaa is a color. It is a red-ochre color, somewhat reddish, yellowish orange, or a shade of pink to an extent. It comes from the Hindi word geru/ geroo, which means nothing but red ochre.

The significance of geruaa is a bit different. Geruaa is generally considered a color worn by Sage (Sant) and solitary person, and thus, here symbolizes people who have left everything to find the One they are looking for. The word geruaa in the song “rang de tu mohe geruaa”, thus, gives a kind of sufi touch to the it, as the lovers here want to get colored ‘geruaa' like someone who has left the worldly things, and just be in love. Geruaa color would be Symbol of Love.

Shah Rukh Khan looks very dashy in Black Jacket and Kajol looks like the delicate beauty in gorgeous chiffon saris, blowing in the wind. Mostly shot in Iceland, the location makes for a stunning backdrop, while we also get quick look of lush green mountains tops with waterfalls and rainbows.

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Meaning of GERUA - What is Hindi & English Meaning of GERUA Word (Dilwale Song Fame)
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