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Tanariri Festival in Vadnagar Gujarat - Tana Riri Music Festival - Date - Details - History

Tanariri Festival in Vadnagar Gujarat - Tana Riri Music Festival - Date - Details - History 

Tanariri festival has a great historical significance and festival of Gujarat related to music. This musical festival is organised in remembrance of naagar singers and sisters known as Tana and riri.This is a musical festival organised at Vadnagar region and at Mehsana area in Gujarat.Many prominent singers and musicians of Gujarat participated in the festival and charmed the listeners for two consecutive nights in the middle of November month.

Tanariri festival has great historical background.  The Tanariri story of the great Mughal ruler Akabar's times (1526 A.D. to 1605 A.D.). Once a famous musician of King Akbar sang Deepak Raag so fervently that the unlit lamps were lit and he was affected with a burning fever.Therefore to get back into his health he went to Vadnagar region in a hope that he will truly get a Malhaar that will serve him. After long journey Akbar founded two Naagar sisters known as Tana and riri. . Tana and riri sang song through which rain starts and Tansen came back to his normal health. From then onwards this Tanariri festival came to be organised.

Tana riri Music Festival in Gujarat

Date: 15-16 Novembe

Venue: Vadnagar, Mehsana, Gujarat

The tourists and listeners are enjoying a great musical experience in Tanariri festival at vadnagar in the month of November. Many Gujarati as well global musicians and singers from all across the world make plan for Gujarat state where it is organized. A Samadhi of these two sisters tana riri is created in vadnagar by the village people and the annual classical music festival is held near this Samadhi. Vadnagar is located 100 km north from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

People of Vadnagar and tourists come for attend two musical nights of tanariri festival at the Tanariri Memorial Grounds, remained crowded all the time. 

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Tanariri Festival in Vadnagar Gujarat - Tana Riri Music Festival - Date - Details - History
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