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Manektari Punam Fair in Gujarat at Dakor - Manektari Punam Dakor Mela Details - Photos

Manektari Punam Fair in Gujarat at Dakor – Manektari Punam Dakor Mela Details - Photos

The Manektari Punam Fair is one of the famous fairs in Gujarat, this fair is celebrated on the 15th day of Ashwin Maas of Hindu calendar (after monsoon season). Mahanektari Poonam Mela organized every year at Dakor in Kheda district of Gujarat.

Gujarati people are celebrating the Manektari Punam festival to show their happiness towards the change in season, after the monsoon in September. The belief about the name of the fair means that the transformation of a rain drops into a pearl under the specific astrological conditions. The story behind the festival is that on the this particular night, when a small drop of rain from the cloud under 'Swati' constellation falls onto the mouth of an oyster in earth, that drop of rain transforms into pearl.

Manektari Punam Fair in Gujarat

Date: 15th day of Ashwin Maas of Hindu calendar (September month)

Venue:Dakor, Kheda district, Gujarat

Dakor is a religious place for the historical temple of LordKrishna andhas beennamedraja ranchhodaraiform. People set with colourful lights and decorated with fragrant flowers to invite the beginning of the new season after the monsoon.  Local people as well tourists are gathered to worship the full moon and enjoy the fair at the Dakor village. 

Devotees of Lord Krishna from the other areas of Gujarat, are foot walking for hundreds of kilometres to visit and for darshan of king of Dakor ‘Ranchhodrai’. About 1.5 lakhs of people are come to the poornima fair at Dakor. Different types of stalls and shops selling many essential products are set up in the fair for the people. Moreover, religious dramas, magnificent display of fireworks,folk dances and music are being performed by the visitors in this fair. 

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Manektari Punam Fair in Gujarat at Dakor - Manektari Punam Dakor Mela Details - Photos
Manektari Punam Fair in Gujarat at Dakor - Manektari Punam Dakor Mela Details - Photos, Manektari Punam Fair, Manektari Punam Fair Gujarat, Manektari Punam Festival Mela Gujarat Tourism, Manektari Punam No Medo, Upcoming Manektari Punam Fair| Manektari Punam Festival Manektari Punam Mela Gujarat, Manektari Punam Fair Gujarat India, Manektari Punam Mela Place, Manektari Punam Fair in Dakor, Ranchhodrai Fair in Dakor Gujarat, Manektari Punam Fair in Kheda Gujarat
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