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Google CEO Sundar Pichai welcomes Indias Narendra Modi to Silicon Valley USA

Google CEO Sundar Pichai welcomes India’s Narendra Modi to Silicon Valley USA

India’s PM Narendra Modi meets India-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai at Silicon Valley USA on September 2015. Welcoming Indian PM Narendra Modi to the Silicon Valley, Sundar Pichai said there is tremendous excitement for his visit among all Googlers and the complete Indian society.

At the U.S. tech hub, Mr. Modi will meet with Mr. Pichai and other Indian-born CEOs, including Satya Nadella of Microsoft Corp. During the tour of Google’s headquarters, he will look at inventions in healthcare and smart grid technology. At the visit, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that there is a hunger in India to have more information and catch the news from the media that he promised to deliver high-speed internet at 500 railway stations in the country.

CEO of technology giant Google, Sundar Pichai said in youtube video about his motherland that India has long been an exporter of talent to technology companies, but is now undergoing its own revolution that will have great benefits for the 1.2 billion people in the country. He saw great benefits for everyone in the country as many natives will come online for the first time, particularly those in country areas and Indic language speakers. In addition, it will also help girls learn new skills and power education of the next generation and help businesses of all sizes to find new customers.

During the tour of PM Narendra Modi to the Google headquarters with CEO Pichai, the search engine giant announced the roll out of ten-language vernacular typing for Android users. Google CEO on Monday declared a proposal for introduction of broadband connectivity, through Wi-Fi hotspots, at 100 railway stations and added that it will be expanded to 400 next year.

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai welcomes Indias Narendra Modi to Silicon Valley USA
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