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Gujarati Artist SHYAMAL SAUMIL Musical Performance in Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at NJ USA

Gujarati Artist SHYAMAL SAUMIL Musical Performance in Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at NJ USA

Shyamal Saumil is Gujarati as well as Hindi Singers. The Nightingale shyamal-Saumil Trained in music from a very tender age. Shyamal, Saumil are Performing Artistes who do Theme Based Concerts and Live Shows of Gujarati Sugam Sangeet and Kavya Sangeet. The musical duet first got introduced to the world of Gujarati poetry and literature. Shyamal Saumil will perform in Chaalo Gujarat 2015 event at NJ USA. CHAALO GUJARAT 2015 going to be held in 3 Days. Chalo Gujarat event is from 31st JULY 2015 to 2nd AUGUST 2015.

Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   Chalo 2015 Gujarat USA

The brothers Shyamal Saumil have sung numerous songs not just in Gujarati but also Hindi. Shyamal Saumil has Proceed their carrier Towards Gujarati language and culture. Through the medium of music they are spreading Gujarati language the world over. There is a valuable contribution to the field of Gujarati music. Shyamal Saumil achieve award “Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar” from Gujarat Government. Every composition of Shyamal Saumil Musical JODI is lively for Younger generations to follow and enjoy. Shyamal-Saumil is the golden bridge, the ‘Swarsetu’ connecting the past and future of Gujarati music with their unique way in Music Field.

Dr. Shyamal Munshi is truly a distinct personality in the field of Gujarati music. Shyamal Munshi is a well known plastic surgeon and Musician also. Shyamal Munshi balances his time between being a surgeon and composing & singing his music. Saumil Munshi Brother of Shyamal Munshi has a great understanding power of Gujarati poetry and literature has guided his singing, composition and music. They have special place in the hearts and minds of Gujarati music lovers and admirers of across the globe.

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Chaalo Gujarat 2015 event held at NEW JERSEY. Shyamal Saumil will perform singing for Sur Kalyan. Musical duo Shyamal Saumil Munshi can rock the stage of Chalo Gujarat event 2015. Don’t Miss to be part of this Gujarat cultural event. Be prepared for this Gujarat event 2015. Are you ready for the performance by singing pair Shyamal Saumil Munshi. Chaalo Gujarat event at NJ is representation of Gujarat culture, Ethics, traditions towards the All over World.   

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Gujarati Artist SHYAMAL SAUMIL Musical Performance in Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at NJ USA
Gujarati Artist SHYAMAL SAUMIL Musical Performance in Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at NJ USA
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