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Famous RED FM Lady Anchor RJ DEVAKI to Host Show Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at New Jersey USA

Famous RED FM Lady Anchor RJ DEVAKI to Host Show Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at New Jersey USA

Devaki Marks also known as "RJ Devaki" or "the Golden Voice of Ahmedabad". RJ Devaki is a Gujarati radio jockey. RJ Devaki having Ambitions are to create new channels for media communications and to Innovate the already existing system or to apply new strategies. She is always in try of an attempt to reach to the better listener.

Chaalo Gujarat 2015   -   Chalo 2015 Gujarat USA

RJ Devaki Marks was discovered by the management team of the FM station Radio Mirchi. She was widely accepted by listeners. RJ Devaki Marks also worked as a head of programming. She was working in 95 FM radio Ahmedabad. She is now working for a 93.5 RED EM as a radio Jockey in morning Number 1 and also she is doing job as programming head. The latest workshop RJ Devaki Marks has conducted is “Man in The Mirror”.

RJ Devaki “Golden Voice of Ahmedabad, Gujarat” Going to New Jersey, America for Chaalo Gujarat 2015 Event. Chaalo Gujarat 2015 is a Three day fun filled event at New Jersey. Chaalo Gujarat 2015 is going to be held from 31st July to 2nd August. Chaalo Gujarat 2015 event is such a mind blowing event. In Chaalo Gujarat event they are representing Gujarat Culture, Traditions, and Ethics etc… Chalo Gujarat 2015 event hosting will be done by RJ Devaki .Don’t Miss to be a part of Chaalo Gujarat event 2015 show host by Heart touching Voice RJ Devaki Marks. RJ Devaki is going to be catch attraction of audience of Chaalo Gujarat 2015.

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At One time Mr.Amitabh Bachchan was in the city for the promotion of his recent film Budhdhah hoga tera baap. The press conference was organized for the same in one of the mall of the city. When they were came back to the conference at evening. Mr.Amitabh Bachchan recites his famous poetry from film Kabhi Kabhi for our own RJ Devaki. Amitabh Bachchan is also impressing by RJ Devaki’s heart touching Voice. Are you ready for the Chaalo Gujarat Event 2015 at NJ, America? Be prepared and don’t Miss this special event by Gujarat. RJ Devaki Gujarat's No.1 RJ as awarded by India Radio Forum at 2014. She is really very popular RJ of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Famous RED FM Lady Anchor RJ DEVAKI to Host Show Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at New Jersey USA
Famous RED FM Lady Anchor RJ DEVAKI to Host Show Chaalo Gujarat 2015 at New Jersey USA
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