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Indian Model Leena Kapoor & Asad Rauf Pakistani Umpire Scandal

Indian Model Leena Kapoor & Asad Rauf Pakistani Umpire Scandal

Indian Model Leena Kapoor released another picture of herself with Pakistani Umpire Asad Rauf and Leena Kapoor gave details about her relationship with Asad Rauf. She appealed to Asad Rauf to fulfill all his promises made in past.

Model Leena Kapoor, who had alleged that Asad Rauf sexually exploited her after promising to marry her when they meat in Mumbai, further claimed that Asad Rauf had also promised her to gift a house and a car. “He told me about his marriage and said that his wife lives somewhere in Lahore, Pakistan. But Asad Rauf said that he was a Muslim and he was allowed to marry twice as his religion allows.

“I had told him that I was a model and my career was in Mumbai, so he said he will come to Mumbai and live with me. He said he will fulfill all my needs. He used to ask me which house I like so he can buy it for me…. I just want him to fulfill all the promises he made to me,” Model Leena Kapoor appealed.

Pakistani Umpire Asad Rauf, clearing allegations, and said that he used travel with lots of people. “There is difference between being friends and knowing someone. Friends do not talk like this. They don’t take advantage of cheap publicity.”

 “She wanted to come in the limelight, and she has.” Said Asad Rauf Pakistani Umpire.

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Indian Model Leena Kapoor & Asad Rauf Pakistani Umpire Scandal
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