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Petrol Price Hike in Gujarat Today 1 May 2015 - Rs.3.96 Increase in Current Rate

Petrol Price Hike in Gujarat Today 1 May 2015 - Rs.3.96 Increase in Current Rate


Petrol prices are hiked after two rounds of cut by Rs 3.96 in Gujarat and other state of India. The increased Petrol prices are applied from midnight of Thursday and so from Friday, 1st May 2015. The ruling party BJP has cut down the Petrol prices before this hike and now they have directly hiked the prices by Rs 3.96.

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Petrol Prices in Gujarat before Hike : Rs 62.46/Ltr

Petrol Prices in Gujarat after Hike : Rs 66.59/Ltr

The petrol prices in Gujarat before price increase were Rs 62.46 and now from 1st May 2015, Petrol prices in Gujarat are Rs 66.59. Petrol prices had been cumulatively cut by Rs17.11 a litre in 10 reductions from August to February.

“The movement of prices in international oil market and Rupee-USD exchange rate shall continue to be closely monitored and developing trends of the market will be reflected in future price changes,” IOC said.  India's state-owned oil marketing companies surprised everyone with a sharp hike in retail prices of petrol and diesel, following the developments in international crude oil markets and a weakening Indian rupee.

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With Petrol, Diesel prices are also hiked by Rs 2.37 in Gujarat. The Indian rupee is expected to be weaker in the 2nd half of the year 2015 due to interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve peak. The domestic oil companies were also hit by unfavourable currency movement in April month.

People were happy with price cut in Petrol but now after increase of Rs 3.96, one cannot imagine where we will get Petrol at lesser price or in cheap price. After price hike in Petrol or Diesel, people are reacting for some days but then they get used to follow the prices as no one wants to use public transport or cycle.

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Petrol Price Hike in Gujarat Today 1 May 2015 - Rs.3.96 Increase in Current Rate
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