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QUIZ Competition at Geetanjali College Rajkot - Event Organized on 11 March 2015

QUIZ Competition at Geetanjali College Rajkot - Event Organized on 11 March 2015

Today, on 11 March 2015 an interesting quiz competition was held in Geetanjali College Rajkot. The quiz competition was very well organized with various interesting rounds. There were 6 teams grouped from various branches of College, having 3 participants in each team.

The quiz competition had various formats for analyzing participating students’ knowledge including politics, current affairs, sports, movies, general knowledge facts and more. The quiz was very interesting as students were showing their high level potential to win the quiz.

The quiz competition was divided in 5 different rounds including buzzer round, logo identification, jingle identification, songs identification, personality identification, 1 minute round and more. The quiz was becoming more and more interesting as participating students were very curious to give the answers.

Geetanjali College Quiz Competition 2015 Teams :

- Black Krusherz (1st Rank)

Achariya Prashant – BBA 2nd Sem

Limbasiya Vishal – BBA 2nd Sem

TeheliyaniVimal – BBA 2nd Sem

- Blue Storm (2nd Rank)

Dharmishth Moraniya – MSc IT 2nd Sem

Mamta Virani - MSc IT 2nd Sem

VaishaliKariya - MSc IT 2nd Sem

- Green Bogglers (3rd Rank)

AgheraJignesh – BBA 6th Sem

Chavada Rajiv - BBA 6th Sem

TalpadaRikin - BBA 6th Sem

- Grey Alecs

Solanki Madhav – BCA 6th Sem

RayaniKhodidas - BCA 6th Sem

BhalshodKalpesh - BCA 6th Sem

- Royal Blue

GohilDivyarajsinh – BSc IT 4th Sem

Patel Princy - BSc IT 4th Sem

Anisha - BSc IT 4th Sem

- Yellow Smarties

Jadeja Krushanrajsinh – BCA 2nd Sem

Thakkar Kirat - BCA 2nd Sem

Sanghani Riya - BCA 2nd Sem

After 2 hours of quiz with different rounds, the result of quiz competition had come to conclusion where Black Krusherz team of BBA 2nd semester field won the first prize.

Geetanjali College Rajkot is used to organize this kind of extra curriculum activities for their students of various branches which includes BBA, BCA, BSc IT, etc. In last year, they have also organized event for “GOOGLE BIRTHDAY Celebration”. 

So the quiz was very interesting and it was enjoyed by viewers and invited guests and it also shows that this kind of quiz competitions are necessary to improve students’ knowledge and boost them.

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QUIZ Competition at Geetanjali College Rajkot - Event Organized on 11 March 2015
QUIZ Competition at Geetanjali College Rajkot - Event Organized on 11 March 2015
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