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Diwali Special Gujarati Rangoli Designs - Latest Freehand & Handmade Colourful Rangoli

Diwali Special Gujarati Rangoli Designs - Latest Freehand & Handmade Colourful Rangoli

Diwali is at our doorstep. Diwali is the biggest festival in India and for Hindu people. There are so many attractions in Diwali celebration and very special is rangoli design. Generally women are making freehand colourful rangoli at home during Diwali celebrations.

Here we are presenting you some sample rangoli designs shared by some of our Facebook friends’. During Diwali festival, women are making beautiful handmade rangoli in home, office, street and courtyard (faliyu) with her idea. The rangoli can be done with handmade designs, readymade dotted pattern, different materials and paints.  

These days’ people are making rangoli designs with variations like under water rangoli, rangoli on water surface, real flowers’ rangoli on water, permenant rangoli design with oil paint and many. A rangoli looks very beautiful with different color combinations and so many designs.

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Generally rangoli designs are made in circle shape and now people are making freehand arts design, cartoon characters, our lords’ pictures and geometric designs for Diwali rangoli. It is said that people are drawing rangoli with colorful designs during Diwali days for praising our lords and especially goddess laxmiji.

Rangoli colors are powdered shiny colors with so many color options. Some people are using oil paint and other colors. The making of Swastik, Labh- Shubh and Laxmiji’s pagla (footprint) are lucky according to Gujarati peoples’ thinking and rituals. Now people are sharing their handmade rangoli designs on their Facebook and whatsapp and other social media.

The Diwali festival is celebrated with so much excitement and new good hopes for upcoming year in the cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat and others. If you have taken photos of your freehand or handmade rangoli, you can submit to our email address and we will share it with your name.

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Diwali Special Gujarati Rangoli Designs - Latest Freehand & Handmade Colourful Rangoli
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