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Indian Real Estate Market 2012 - 2013

Indian Real Estate Market in 2012 – 2013


There was a time when the Indian Real Estate Market was facing a lull thanks to the implications of both national as well as international economic problems. But with the new changes being implemented by the Indian government, things have again started to look up. The Indian government has allowed FDI or Foreign Direct Investment companies residing in other countries can now buy Properties in India. Another fact that has played a major difference in the real estate business is that India has replaced US as the second most favoured target for FDI amongst all the countries.

Indian Real Estate Market an Insight

Over some time, we have seen that Indian rupee has gone down against American dollar. This has prompted many people settled abroad to think about investment back home and they have started making enquiries on the same. The country is now seeing a visible shift in the paradigm and witnessing a change as well. With more and more people from abroad wanting to purchase properties in this time, the real estate market is indeed witnessing an upsurge in the business of lands and properties.

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Indian Real Estate Market Growth Rate is pretty fast comparing to other Asian countries. Real Estate Companies from all over world are taking interest in Indian Real Estate Market cause of growth of India internationally. As India is increasing growth area from Real Estate to Stock Exchange, Business to Sports, from Politics to Scientific research and development. So you can say that Indian Real Estate Market Future is exceptionally bright.

Indian Real Estate Market Report & Review

Due to the recent political and economic developments, India has experienced renewed interest and growth in the younger working class of the country. Since many of them have been doing well in the industry and with higher pay packages, they are more than willing to invest their money into properties and lands. Not only cosmopolitan cities have witnessed growth but also other cities such as those which are nearby to these cities as well as other towns.

Reportedly Indian Real Estate Market is to take a huge jump at end of 2013

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