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Parineeti Chopra Launches Whisper in Green Blazer and White Mini Skirt - 2014 Images
Parineeti Chopra Launches Whisper in Green Blazer and White Mini Skirt - 2014 Images

A beautiful actress Parineeti Chopra launched the Whisper with company’s new initiative ‘Touch the Pickle’. Whisper is the leading manufacturer of sanitary napkins. Parineeti launched this whisper campaign in Mumbai on 12th August, 2014. Mandira Bedi was also seen there.

Parineeti has worn Green blazer with white mini skirt as she is a brand ambassador of Whisper India. She was looking very gorgeous in her dressing with light makeup and heels. She promoted the new initiative of whisper, ‘Touch the Pickle’ to break the Taboos (in Gujarati ‘Manyta’) in our society about the women’s menstruation.

The taboos attached with menstruation in India are numerous, extremely old, and absurdly ridiculous. Even highly educated women and girls still believe that they are impure when menstruating and if they touch a bottle of pickle even by mistake, the pickle will be ruined.

Parineeti Chopra’s movie “Daawat-e-ishq” has just released before a week. She is a very talented actress with good looks. She talked with the presentees about the Whisper’s new concept. In the image you can see Parineeti holding Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary pack.

Whisper has taken one such project with the ‘Touch the Pickle’ movement, which has been started with the aim to end period related taboos. If girls don’t let any force in the world stop them, why should some senseless “don’ts” hold them back? Join Whisper’s movement and end the inhuman chain.

Here are pictures of beautiful Parineeti in her green blazer and white mini skirt.
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Parineeti Chopra Launches Whisper in Green Blazer and White Mini Skirt - 2014 Images
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