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Gujarati Chorafali - Gujarati Chorafali Chutney Making Details
Gujarati Chorafali - Gujarati Chorafali Chutney Making Details

Chorafali is central Gujarat’s very famous snack. This Items people can prepare at home but now day is very famous and favorite street food, Not only in Gujarat but also people of other part of India like this Chorafali snack. People can serve with different type of Chutney and Yogurt.

Chorafali Fafda is Gujarati festival snack especially on Vijayadashmi and Diwali. This dish is favorites to all of People; crispy vegetarian snack is perfect for crunchy and evening snacks. Chorafali is very tasty for eating especially all people like it.

Ingredients for Chutney

Yogurt, bengal gram flour, water, mint leaves, coriander leaves, green chilli, ginger, oil, asafetida, Salt to taste and black salt 

How to Make Chutney

Combine flour, yogurt and water and whisk fine. Crush mint, coriander, chilli and ginger and make smooth past. Heat the oil in sauce pan, add asafetida and yogurt combination. Whisk and cook 2 minutes or until mixture is thick. Add salt, black salt and 3 tablespoon mint mixture and mix well.

Ingredients for Chorafali

bengal gram flour, mung lentil flour, cowpea lentil flour, black lentil flour, turkish gram flour, oil, lukewarm water, soda bi-carbonate, Salt to taste

How to Make

Sift the flours and the soda bi-carb together. In a small pan heat the 1/4 tsp of salt until warm and add to the strain flours. Add the ghee and mix well. Now add the warm water slowly and mix well to form a stiff dough.

Now Take lemon sized piece of the dough and place it on the oiled outside and beat with a wooden rolling pin. When the entire small portion is crushed, apply oil over it and roll it. Hit again with the rolling pin. Repeat the oil, fold and beat procedure until the dough becomes soft, flexible and lighter in color.

Heat the oil for deep frying in medium-high heat. Too much heat will make the Chorafali turn brown earlier. Fall the cut out pieces in the oil and try to seize in down in the hot oil with the slotted spoon. This way the the Chorafali will try to puff up.

Turn over once and fry for few more seconds. Drain and remove with the slotted spoon to a plate smooth with tissue paper to remove extra grease. Add the salt and chilli powder mixture as soon as it is out of the oil. Allow to cool and start crunch.

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Gujarati Chorafali - Gujarati Chorafali Chutney Making Details
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