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Jagdish Bhakarwadi - Gujarati Bhakarwadi from Ahmedabad Vadodara
Jagdish Bhakarwadi - Gujarati Bhakarwadi from Ahmedabad Vadodara

Jagdish ni Bhakarwadi is very popular from Vadodara Gujarat. It is like very Tasty and medium spicy of bhakarwadi. Bhakarwadi is one of the favorite’s recipes of Gujaratis. It is made out of besan and mashed potatoes. It is very delicious and east to cook snack. It is the favorite’s dish of all people.

Bhakarwadi is mainly made during festivals. This is yummy in taste and can be prepared very easily. It is useful to all Ingredients for making Bhakarwadi like Wheat flour, Gram flour (Besan), Green chilies, Ginger, Fresh coriander, Red chili powder, Coriander powder, Cumin seeds, Grated coconut, Sesame seeds, Salt, Sugar, Oil, Asafetida and Tamarind pulp. You can try out preparing yourself at home.

Bhakarwadi is a spicy snack, and usually fried, Bhakarvadi nice item also each food item served on the thali has a specific place. It can be served on any occasions like parties, cocktails, outings or tea-time. Bhakharwadi is an attractive egg-shaped rolls filled with delicious spicy stuff. Lili Bhakharwadi is most famous snack items from Vadodara.

There are many Flavoured types of Bhakarwadi like sandwich bhakarwadi, Aloo Bhakarwadi, baked bhakarwadi, mini bhakarwadi, jain bhakarwadi, chitale bhakarwadi, sabudana bhakarwadi, sweet bhakarwadi and small bhakarwadi. It is very tasty for eating and each people like this farsan item.

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Jagdish Bhakarwadi - Gujarati Bhakarwadi from Ahmedabad Vadodara
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