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Jagdish No Lilo Chevdo - Gujarati Lilo Chevdo from Vadodara Gujarat
Jagdish No Lilo Chevdo - Gujarati Lilo Chevdo from Vadodara Gujarat

Jagdish no Lilo Chevdo is very famous in our Gujarat. In current days, there are many different products of farsan are available in the market. There are many varieties of farsan products available from different cities of Gujarat. Jagdish no Lilo Chevdo is very popular all our Gujarat and Jagdish no Lilo Chevdo specialists based in Vadodara City.

Farsan is one type of Snackes. Out of these varieties of Gujarati Farsan, few of them are fried items, dried products and those can be stored as well.
Now a Days people like tasty Variety items like Namkeens, Snacks and sweets and In the event the farsan item is available. People also like different type of chevda like Dry Lila Chevda, Suko Lilo Chevdo, Nylon Chevdo, Rajwadi Chavanu, Wheat Chevda and Faradi Chevda.

It is useful to all Ingredients for making Bhakarwadi like Potato, gram dal, sesame seeds (til), raisins (kismis), turmeric powder, chili powder, garam masala, spices, sugar, salt, edible oil. People can easily make lilo Chevdo a home and they can take lilo chevdo for snacks.

You can take Lilo Chevdo for snacks and this item it’s very tasty for eating and also you can give your child for snacks because it is not harmful for children health. Lilo Chevdo is a spicy and crispy snack prepared with flat chips and strand of potato. It also contents gram dal and sesame seeds. It can be eaten alone.

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Main Category : Food
Sub Category : Gujarati Farsan Items
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Jagdish No Lilo Chevdo - Gujarati Lilo Chevdo from Vadodara Gujarat
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