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Shamlaji Fair Gujarat - Shamlaji No Melo - Kartik Purnima Mela Gujarat
Shamlaji Fair Gujarat - Shamlaji No Melo - Kartik Purnima Mela Gujarat

This year, “Shamlaji Fair 2014” will be 03rd November (Monday), 2014 to 06th November (Thursday), 2014.

Shamlaji Fair of Gujarat is famous as the Kartik Purnima Fair. The fair is celebrated by all the castes and communities of Gujarat. They are Garasias and Bhils who actively take part in the event. Shamlaji Fair, Gujarat is one of the main fairs in Gujarat.

History of Shamlaji Fair Gujarat

The Shamlaji Temple is a famous Vaishnav Shrine and the deity housed here is known by various names included Gadadhar (bearer of the mace) and Shaksi Gopal. The temple is of great archaeological importance as it was built in the 11th century.

Lord Brahma once went on a journey to find out the best tirtha (sacred site) on the earth. After seeing and visiting a number of places, he came to Shamlaji, which he liked the most and performed penance there for a thousand years. Lord Shiva, pleased with him, asked him to perform a yajna (ritual).

According to the Second story Vishwakarma, the architect of the Gods, constructed this temple in one night, but as it was morning by the time he finished it, he could not take it with him and had to return leaving it here.

The Shamlaji Fair 2014 Dates - “03 - 04 - 05 - 06 November, 2014”

Another legend has it, that an Adivasi found the idol of Lord Shamlaji while ploughing his land. He worshiped it by lighting a lamp every day and was blessed for his faith by having an abundant yield in his farm. Shamlaji Temple is famous Mandir around November month arrange Shamlaji Mela, Shamlaji No Melo.  

The tribes mostly celebrate the fair where different stalls of local handicrafts and art and artifacts gives the tourists the prospect to buy the local products that bear the significance of the place. The main festival is referred as the worship of the black deity named ‘Kalio Bavji’. Shamlaji Na Mede is local people call this word arrange November month also very famous Shamlaji Temple.


Shamlaji Temple Address - Location

Address -------------------- Shamlaji Fair,Sabarkatha,Gujarat,India

Best time to visit -------- Shamlaji Fair is held on the ‘Purnima’ (full moon) of the month of ‘Kartik’ according to the local calendar, which falls in November.

The fairs of Gujarat are quite special, the fairs and the festivals that come about in the state are the true examples of India’s rich heritage. The Shamlaji Fair or the Kartik Purnima Fair is one of the main events in Gujarat where all the tribes take part to make it a grand one.

How to reach Shamlaji Mela Festival

Nearest Railway Station ------------------------ Modasa raiway station

Nearest Airport ----------------------------------- Ahmedabad airport

By Road Transport ----It is 80 kms from Ahmedabad and 32 kms from Himatnagar.,Polo Forest, Idar. Kesariaji, a Jain shrine in Rajasthan about 30 kms away from the border of Gujarat, Modasa - 29 kms. 
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Shamlaji Fair Gujarat - Shamlaji No Melo - Kartik Purnima Mela Gujarat
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