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Cosavet Fertis for Better Soil Management by Sulphur Mills Ltd Mumbai India


Cosavet Fertis for Better Soil Management by Sulphur Mills Ltd Mumbai India 

Sulphur Mills Ltd has launched Cosavet Fertis WG after a year company launched COSAVET DF one of the most successful and innovative product from an more than 50 Products Portfolio of  Sulphur Mills Ltd Mumbai India

Sulphur Mills TV Ad Commercial

Brand “ REAP ” is now well recognize brand across India", especially in Gujarat, as company has put lot of effort in various marketing mix like Farmer Meeting, Soil Awareness Programme, Village Road Show, Newapaper Press Release and Ad,“Gujarati Advertisement on Gujarati TV Channels eTV Gujarati, Doordarshan Girnar, TV9, V TV (New Gujarati TV Channel) etc.. 



Sulphur Mills Ltd has started an advanced research and development project to develop the world's first water dispersible Sulphur fertiliser. The company has introduced an improved Cosavet Fertis WG, which is a 90% Sulphur based fertiliser in water dispersible granules form. 

According to Mr. Suketu Doshi, Director-Marketing/Business Development, Sulphur Mills, each granule of new improved Cosavet Fertis WG for which a product patent is pending contains innumerable particles of sulphur which convert to sulphate rapidly on application. "Our unique water dispersible granule technology apart from being environment friendly easily allows dispersion on contact with soil moisture," he added.  

Application of Cosavet Fertis 

It is recommended to overcome Sulphur deficiency and nutrition stress in the soil. It can be applied along with Urea/DAP, thus there is no additional labour costs for application. It has a higher compatibility with other soluble fertilisers through drip/sprinkler irrigation with no nozzle clogging. The fertiliser is available in pack sizes 3/6/15 & 30 kg and the recommended dosage for short duration crops is 3 kilogram per acre. This allows land owners to invest Rs 330 per acre. A repeat application after one month is recommended for long duration crops.

Importance of Sulphur in Soil  

Under severe soil sulphur deficiency, leaves become yellow, resulting in stunted growth and thus lower yield. Presence of soil sulphur is a must to ensure the formation of oil compounds, proteins and fatty acids in pulses and oilseeds, improve cereal quality for milling and baking, improve sugar recovery in sugarcane, shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Why Cosavet Fertis  ? ?

A study undertaken by Punjab Agriculture University has proved that each rupee invested in augmentation of soil sulphur provides

Return of Rs 8 to Rs 20
by improving quality and quantity of farm produce. Sulphur is an essential irreplaceable nutrient which ensures neutral ph level of soil which is 7ph.

Cosavet Fertis TV Ad  ( Sulphur Mills TV Advertisement )? ? 

Sulphur Mills Ltd has started to promote it's key brand " COSAVET FERTIS " very aggressively in various states of India. Even company has recently create TV AD Creative in different regional languages like Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi etc..

Cosavet Fertis in Gujarat 

"REAP" Brand " COSAVET FERTIS " from Sulphur Mills Ltd Mumbai is highly recognize among various parts of Rural Gujarat.  Having strong presence in all over gujarat from last 20 years, they also organize " FARMER MEETING " at Villages to aware about it's product Mix with live demonstration. A Strong Marketing team Under Mr.Mansukh Radadiya ( Zonal Head - Saurashtra & Kutch, Gujarat M - 9974056640) has spread their "REAP" brand across depth and breath among Gujarat Farmers. 

Event Company has recently started " Cosavet Fertis Gujarati TV Advertisement " . This Sulphur TV Ad is running on famous Gujarati TV Channels like eTV Gujarati, TV9, Doordarshan Girnar TV and  V TV Gujarat.

To Watch Cosavet Fertis Gujarat TV Ad - " 
Click Here "

Sulphur Mills has covered Important Rural Places in Gujarat like Gondal, Kalawad, Derdi Kumbhaji, Kukavav, Amreli Bagasar, Dhari, Atkot, Jasadn, Babra, Mahuva, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Dhrol, Jodiya, Jam Khambhaliya, Chotila, Limbdi, Sayla, Surendranagar, Kutch Bhuj, Gandhidham, Anjar, Bhachau etc.


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Cosavet Fertis for Better Soil Management by Sulphur Mills Ltd Mumbai India
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