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Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon in Ahmedabad 2014

Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon in Ahmedabad 2014

Everyone welcome to the fourth edition of Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon in Ahmedabad 2014. Arvind Sabarmati Cycle Race 2014 is a very different race of bicycle race. Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon Amdavad 2014 is organized by the Amdavad Municipal Corporation.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation plans to make its first Cyclothon Event other interesting by including people from different profession men and women to use cycles. Ahmedabad Sabarmati Cyclothon 2014 Distance of race the 100 Km Race, 50 Km Race, 50 Km Fix Race and the Dream Ride of 16 Kms.             

The Price Money and Certificates related to All Timings are governed as per the Rules & Regulations laid out and the decision of the Race Director in this regard will be final & binding on all participants.


Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon 2014 Date

Date----------------------------2nd February, 2014


Time----------------------------6:00 am to 12:00 pm


Starting to ending point place

Vallabh Sadan, Sabarmati River Front

Race Categories

Dream Ride 16 Kms( No Prizes ), Half Century Race 50 Kms, Century Race 100 Kms

Race Routes of Half / Full and Fix Century

Vallabhsadan - Income tax cross road - Usmanpura circle - left turn - Usmanpura Garden - Underpass - Navrang Cirle - Darpan Circle - Vijay cross road - right turn - helmet circle - left turn - towards shivranjani cross roads - shyamal cross roads - U turn - back to helmet circle - left turn - drive in road - upto Doordarshan Cross roads - Uturn - back to helment circle- left turn - towards pragtinagar BRTS station - U turn at pragtinagar garden cross roads - back to helment - left turn - Vijay cross road - left turn - Darpan Circle - Navrang Cirle-Underpass - Usmanpura - right turn - Income tax cross road - Vallabhsadan

Sabarmati Cycle Race to benefits of exercise and fresh atmosphere will improve your health and fitness. Everyone is supposed to positively be present racing the Sabarmati Cyclothon.

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Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon in Ahmedabad 2014
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